=GSoC 2014 development logs for Object-oriented C++ Geometry API project =

Week 1


Week 2


Week 3

2nd June - Nothing

3rd June - brush up on sph implementation, research eqn meaning/behaviour, complete sph patch

4th June - finished sphere implementation

5th June - fixed identation, copyright, added extra constructor, integrated with DB

6th June - fixed comparison issues for isValid, polished patch to final form. Began talks for next primitive

7th June - further sketch primive interface talks, rough interface implementation

8th June - break day.

Week 4

Milestone week 4: finish sketch implementation, have a good start with extrude

9th June - wrote Sketch interface for all subelements, untested.

10th June - wrote Sketch interface (itself) implementation. reread previous patch.

11th June - reworked Sketch class, investigated about what role rt_curve plays in sketch.c

12th June - break day

13th June - working on Sketch subelements implementantion, ConstSegment and Segment

14th June - continued working on the same subclasses, not much progress.

15th June - break/minimal work

Week 5

16th June - waited for Sketch review, discussed with Daniel, started working on Sketch based on new header