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==Week 9==
==Week 9==
14th July - finished Sketch, several issues to be adressed. Will move to BoT
15th July - worked on bot, by looking at new sketch.
16th July - discussed latest sketch version; nothing;
17th July - nothing;
18th July - worked on bot.
19th July - nothing;
20th July - modified Sketch, fixed some sketch typo's/bugs; modified BoT; finished bot bar constructors and Face object getter.
==Week 10==
21st July - rereviewed Bot;
22nd July - worked on BoT. finished AppendFace and Get; issue about InsertFace;
23rd July -  discussed bot issues; worked on InsertFace, constructors; looked into Pipe
24th July - nothing;
25th July - wrote Sketch DeleteSegment, finished InsertFace, fixed AppendFace, wrote deleteFace, wrote constructors. researched how to write bot_copy
26th July - wrote copy functions; thought and worked on face normals functions
27th July - waited
==Week 11==
28th July - discussed bot, sketch, implemented sketch;
29th July - rewrote Normal, SetNormal for bot, finised bot, wrote pipe interface
30th July - worked on pipe interface, researched pipe code
31th July - nothing
1st August - worked on pipe, researched;
2nd August - worked on pipe, but mostly a "nothing" day
3rd August - nothing;
==Week 12==
4th - break/ intermitently worked on Pipe
5th - break/ intermitently worked on Pipe
6th - break/ intermitently worked on Pipe
7th - break/ intermitently worked on Pipe
8th - break/ intermitently worked on Pipe
9th - break;
10th - worked on pipe, finished some compilation errors, will be finished on 11th
== Week 13 ==

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