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(8 May 2012)
(8 May 2012)
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   ON_BrepVertexArray m_V;//vertexs
   ON_BrepVertexArray m_V;//vertexs

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7 May 2012

  • build the brl-cad svn on VM successfully.
  • build the brlcad-7.18.4 on windows(vs2005),but some link error occured from libtclcad.lib

8 May 2012

  • get familiar with the Brep structure.
 ON_CurveArray m_C2;//Pointers to parameter space trimming curves (used by trims)
 ON_CurveArray m_C3;//Pointers to 3d curves (used by edges)
 ON_BrepEdgeArray m_E;//edges
 ON_BrepFaceArray m_F;//faces
 ON_BrepLoopArray m_L;//loops
 ON_SurfaceArray m_S;//Pointers to parametric surfaces (used by faces)
 ON_BrepTrimArray m_T;//trims
 ON_BrepVertexArray m_V;//vertexs