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* src/librt/tests/arb_intersect.g
* src/librt/tests/arb_intersect.g
** Intersection point: brep A_brep intersect B_brep 0 4
** Intersection point: brep A_brep intersect B_brep 0 4
[[Arb point.png]]
[[Image:Arb point.png]]
= Original development timeline =
= Original development timeline =

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Community bonding

  • May 28
    • Create the log page
    • Things have done:
      • Test program for SSI and a test geometry file
      • Some improvement with SSI and API design
  • June 3
    • As I will have my final exams during the first week that coding begins, so I'd like to move some work ahead.
    • Begin to add P/P, P/C and P/S support. Implement ON_PX_EVENT for reporting the intersections.
    • TODO: Implement P/C, P/S and ON_PX_EVENT::IsValid().
  • June 4
    • Eliminate max_dis in the brep command for SSI.
    • Extended the brep command to handle P/P, P/C, P/S, C/C and C/S.
    • Modified the wiki page of the brep command.
    • Fix the format of ON_PX_EVENT::Dump(). (Add "\n")
  • June 7
    • Try to add PS support using get_closest_point().
    • Test the functionality of the PS function - it seems that there's a problem when try (0,0,5) on a sphere of radius 5 and centered at the origin (it should be an intersect, but get_closest_point() returns (0,0,-5) resulting in no intersections).
  • June 12
    • Calculate point-curve intersection using sub-division.
    • Do some simple testing on PCI. It works.

Week 1

  • June 17
    • Coding period begins!
    • Put the tolerance into consideration in the IsPointIn() test in PCI.
    • Write a test program on sphere to test P/P, P/C and P/S.
      • It seems that get_closest_point() is not always robust. :( Maybe it's not a good choice for P/S.
  • June 18
    • Use macros to represent default tolerance and change it to 0.001 (the same as the default tolerance of curve/curve, curve/surface, surface/surface defined by openNURBS)
    • Consider the input u_domain and v_domain for the result of point-surface intersection.
  • June 19
    • Busy with the course projects and preparing a final exam. Didn't have much time for BRL-CAD.
  • June 20
    • Found the problem causing get_closest_point() to fail
      • get_closest_point() sometimes give us the 'farthest' point.
      • => getClosestPointEstimate() didn't work.
      • => The surface tree are not built correctly.
      • => It seems that we inappropriately prepTrims when m_removeTrimmed is false, causing get_closest_point() to fail. Someone who wrote this code needs to check whether this change is correct.
    • Use a smaller depth for PSI to improve performance.
  • June 21
    • Added Newton-Raphson iteration in PCI to improve accuracy (using the one from subdivision and linear approximation as a starting point)
      • After test, it can work with tolerance set to ON_ZERO_TOLERANCE!

Week 2

  • June 24
    • The plane was delayed for a long time. It took almost the whole day to get to Beijing. :(
    • Set removeTrimmed to false, otherwise the surface tree cannot be built correctly - since the last change raised a raytrace problem.
  • June 25
    • Began to implement curve-curve intersections.
      • First using sub-division to find the intersecting bounding boxes.
      • Then use Newton-Raphson iterations to get an accurate result.
      • Finally check the validity of the solutions and check overlap.
    • More tests and improvements are needed.
    • Added the new CCI and CSI functions to brep_debug.cpp.
  • June 26
    • Improvements and bug fixing of curve-curve intersection
      • Add tolerance value in the bounding box intersections.
      • Check duplication before appending to the array x.
      • In the Newton-Raphson iterations, if the inverse fails, we try another two directions.
      • More work on the tolerance value to get a more accurate and correct result.
    • Add a test program for curve-curve intersections.
  • June 27
    • Continued improving curve-curve intersection
      • Merge the overlap events that are continuous.
      • Eliminate the intersection points that are inside the overlap events.
      • Some special handling for linear curves.
    • Add another test for overlaps.
  • June 28
    • More work on CCI
      • Assign values to m_a[1], m_A[1], etc. even if it's ccx_point event (according to openNURBS declarations in other/openNURBS/opennurbs_x.h)
      • Fixed the wrong curve used in detecting overlaps.
    • Added more comments to document the intersection approaches.
    • Studied materials on curve-surface intersections and ready to get started.

Week 3

  • July 1
    • Began to implement curve-surface intersections
      • Use sub-division and Newton-Raphson iterations.
      • It's similar to curve-curve intersections.
  • July 2
    • Added tests for curve-surface intersections.
    • Improved curve-surface intersections
      • Check the endpoints of the line segment when computing its intersection with a boundary plane.
      • Consider NaN.
      • Add fabs() when calculating the line_t.
    • Fixed a typo in brep.c ("CS" for curve-surface rather than "PC").
  • July 3
    • Added another test for CSI (line & torus).
    • Continued improving curve-surface intersections.
      • Reused surface tree - avoid generating the surface tree again and again.
      • Added some special splitting machanism for polylines.
      • Comparing doubles cannot use minus directly.
      • If the starting point is good enough, we don't need Newton iterations.
      • When merging, m_b should be consistent with m_a.
      • Values of 3D and 2D spaces should have different tolerances. And consider the 2D tolerance when merging.
  • July 4
    • Started to work on surface-surface intersections (TDD)
      • Did some clean up to the original code.
      • Split the two steps (intersecting bounding boxes and triangular approximation).
      • Dealt with single points, and checked validity of the solutions.
    • Using tests (csgbrep.g): brep sph.brep intersect tor.brep 0 0
  • July 5
    • Improve SSI
      • Dealt with surface boundaries (using CSI).
      • Some special handling for closed surfaces - added function closed_domain().
      • Eliminated duplicated points using a naive approach.

Week 4

  • July 8
    • Continued SSI
      • Fixed bugs of triangle intersections - wrong line_normal for B, floating point issues (== is not sufficient), coincident planes cases, and calculate the barycentric coordination with ON_Solve2x2() in case that the inversion fails.
      • Calculate max_dis using the length of bounding box diagonal, in case that both volumes are zero.
    • Modified brep_debug.cpp and test_ssi.cpp to deal with intersection points (use spheres to represent the points).

Test Results

  • src/librt/tests/arb_intersect.g
    • Intersection point: brep A_brep intersect B_brep 0 4

Arb point.png

Original development timeline

  • - June 17 (~4 weeks)
    • Study the papers on this topic
    • Discuss with other developers
    • Some code clean up in the current SSI routine
    • Write a test program to test SSI
  • June 17 - June 23 (1 week)
    • Lower dimension intersections
      • P/P, P/C, P/S
      • With the support of openNURBS
    • Tests and documentations
  • June 24 - July 7 (2 weeks)
    • Intersections regarding curves
      • C/C, C/S
      • Subdivision - curve trees, surface trees
    • Tests and documentations
  • July 7 - Aug. 4 (4 weeks)
    • TDD on SSI
      • Test the SSI
      • Find the problems
      • Fix the bugs
      • Find more bugs and fix them
      • Degenerated cases
    • Try to get the code faster
      • Fit the curve to a lower order if possible
    • Documentations
      • Comment in code
      • Write some extra document on SSI (algorithms, problems, TODOs...)
    • Mid-term evaluation in July 29 - Aug. 2
  • Aug. 5 - Aug. 18 (2 weeks)
    • Finish the surface partitioning
      • Polygon partitioning
      • Curve-curve intersection
    • Tests
      • Trims may intersect
  • Aug. 19 - Aug. 25 (1 week)
    • Add connectivity graph support
      • Generate connectivity graphs for objects
      • Design proper data structures for the graph
  • Aug. 26 - Sept. 1 (1 week)
    • Inside-outside tests
      • Curve-surface intersection
      • BFS of the graph to determine inside/outside
  • Sept. 2 - Sept. 8 (1 week)
    • Generate valid ON_Brep objects
      • Read code in IsValid() functions
      • Add elements (trim, edge, etc.)
      • Try to pass the validation
    • Extend the brep command in MGED
  • Sept. 9 - Sept. 15
    • Robustness Issues
      • Deal with the degenerated cases
      • All 3 steps should be modified
    • Tests
      • Fix bugs
      • Improve performance
  • Sept. 16 - Sept. 22 (1 week)
    • Pencils down
      • Code clean up
      • Documentation (wiki pages)
  • Sept. 23 - Sept. 27 (1 week)
    • Final evaluation
    • Submit code to Google