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Who I am[edit]

My name is Wu Jianbang (English name: Phoenix). I'm a junior student from Peking University, China, majoring in Computer Science and Technology.


Email: or

IRC Username: phoenixyjll


  • I have strong skills in C/C++, as well as OOP, since I have taken some courses on it, and have finished some small projects with it.
  • I'm good at data structures and algorithms, for I have taken two honor track classes on them (Data Structures and Algorithms & Disign and Analysis of Algorithms) and got lots of practice.
  • I have a quite solid mathematics background, and I participated in mathematics contests for many times and get many awards.
  • I participated in GSoC 2012 for BRL-CAD, and spent my summer on the NURBS projects.
  • I'm also quite good at Operating System Development.


  • Mathematics
  • Data Structures and Algorithms
  • Computational Geometry
  • Computer Graphics
  • Computer Aided Design
  • Operating Systems

GSoC 2012 Project[edit]

It's my first year to participate in GSoC.

This summer I am involved in the project of "Implicit to NURBS conversion", which is to convert implicit CSG primitives to BREPs.

Click here to see my detailed project proposal

Click here to see my development log and reports

GSoC 2013 Project[edit]

This year I'm so glad to once again be accepted to work for BRL-CAD.

I'd like to continue work on the NURBS Intersection project, which is partially finished last summer.

Click here to see my detailed project proposal

Click here to see my detailed project log and report