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I made an ogg video from it, available here:
=== LPT Interface ===
=== LPT Interface ===

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Personal Information[edit]

  • Name: Csányi Pál
  • NickName: Paul
  • E-mail: csanyipal AT gmail DOT com
  • AIM: csanyipal
  • IRC nickname (Freenode network): csanyipal
  • SourceForge username: csanyi_pal


Photo holder[edit]

[1] [2]


I made an ogg video from it, available here: [[3]]

LPT Interface[edit]

This is about computer control. The hardware Interface is complete. I started the software part to develop in Objective-C. I have a plan to connect to this Interface some mechanics designed with BRL-CAD. So far this is only in my imagination.

Two wheel robot with IR sensor[edit]

This is so far only in my imagination. For this robot to accomplish, I shall use gEDA suite for electronic part, PIC programming for the brain of robot, and BRL-CAD for the body of robot.