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Refined the plot() function, and corrected some errors regarding elliptical cross sections and primitives not centered at the origin.


Started a simple plot() function, based primarily on the superell's plot(). It currently ignores tolerances, but gives an idea of where the hyperboloid is.


Added mged support to create a hyp, still doesn't work completely due to stubbed methods (specifically draw, import5, and export5). Started researching tess() and plot().


Made my first commit today to submit the code I've been working on for the single-sheet hyperboloid. I also realized that I needed to check for divide by zero cases in my algorithms, and I fixed my norm() function to handle the div by zero case.


I'm planning on using this page as a development log for my GSoC work on implementing the revolve and sweep primitive. I have started working on a hyperboloid of one sheet, and posted patches to sourceforge. I have finished the prep, print, shot, norm, uv, and free functions in src/librt/g_hyp.c, and made changes to src/librt/, include/raytrace.h, include/rtgeom.h, and src/librt/table.c to support the new primitive.