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Project Title

Survey of CSG Algorithms

Personal Information

Name: Nyah Watad Check Email: IRC Nick: Ch3ck, Ch3ck_

Background Information

I am a third year Computer Engineering student of the University of Buea and one of the two first GSoC participants in Francophone Africa; worked with BRL-CAD in GSoC 2013, participated in the Google Doc Camp where I documented the BRL-CAD, OpenMRS and GNome projects. Participated as an Evoc participant with in 2014. I participated in as a Mentor in the 2014 Google Code-In for BRL-CAD.

Programming Background

  • Evoc Participant,, July – October 2014
    • Added Shatter Support to the X server project using Xephyr.
    • Clip Impedance layer to Xephyr and ran unit tests like Xts fixing bugs
  • Google Summer of Code Participant, BRL-CAD, April - September 2013
    • Implemented a pull routine to reverse the effects of a push on Geometry, **integrating command into MGED interface. (C, XML, 500+ lines of code)
    • Tested the polynomial and matrix math routines, improving the speeds of the inverse matrix and matrix determinant routines by over 10%. (C, 300+ lines of code)
    • Integrated the xpush routine which pushes objects having more than a single matrix transformation into the push which pushes object matrix transformations to leaf nodes. ( C, 1000 lines of code.)
  • Book Sprint Participant, Google Doc Camp, October 2013
    • Participated in creating a contributors guide to BRL-CAD which will encourage a greater number of contributors to working on the BRL-CAD project.
    • Languages: C(Excellent), Java( Excellent ), C++( Beginner), Bash(Excellent), SQL(Proficient)
    • Tools: Secure Shell, subversion, Git, Linux, Netbeans, gdb, valgrind.

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