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==== Coding Log Report for GSoc 2013 ====
==== Coding Log Report for GSoc 2013 ====
Daily log:
Daily log:
This year's GSoC was my first and most exciting projects given the fact that I'm working on my first opensource project and contributing for my first time to a great software and organization like BRL-CAD.
For the past three months I worked on implementing a pull routine which reversed the effects of a push on a CSG tree. This project focused on reversing the effects of the push command available in BRL-CAD and also pulling up and unpushed node. While following my implementation outline as described in my [http://brlcad.org/wiki/User:NyahCh3ck20/GSOC13/Design_Document Design Document], I kept modifying the plan as needed and tried updating my [http://brlcad.org/wiki/User:NyahCh3ck20/GSoc2013/Coding_Report logs] daily especially when I initially had no stable Internet access.
Before the Mid-term Evaluations, I studied the push and xpush routines seeing how the matrices were pushed down the tree in respective commands and started implementing and finished implementing the pull_comb() routine which pulls the matrix transformations in a combination node. Submitted patches on sourceforge for review. I tested various parts of the routine and made sure routine works perfectly will continue testing and fixing bugs if any post GSoC to make sure command is complete. Also, I wrote tests for the poly.c routines and submitted patches on sourceforge; tested the bn_mat_inverse() routine implemented for BRL-CAD and proposed new routine  which are still awaiting review by mentors.
Post Mid-term evaluations, I studied the various primitives trying to figure out how to implement the pull_leaf() routine for each primitive which was later disproved by Sean as a bad design choice which led to my implementing of the pull_leaf() using the AABB's of primitives which enabled me to pull translation components successfully. I also developed the pull interface, wrote regression tests, created the man pages and other documentation which will integrate command fully into BRL-CAD.
During Final Days and Post-GSoC I plan to finish implementing the pull_leaf routine which pulls both the scale and rotation components of primitives for BRL-CAD completing the pull routine and any other new projects as needed.
This was one of the most exciting summers of my life.
=== Test Results ===
=== Test Results ===
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Tuesday 27 August 2013
Tuesday 27 August 2013
*Finished debugging pull_leaf() but routine is incomplete since I don't currently support all primitives. Will follow Sean's instructions and start developing pull interface from tomorrow by adding synopsis, docs, full integration and test cases.
*Added support for truncated cones in pull_leaf() but a bug hangs in there. Will take a peek tomorrow or finish this night before going to sleep.
Wednesday August 28, 2013
*Started developing the interface by adding the stubbing the pull to archer  interface.
*Added the pull routine to the tclscripts, libtclcad, and wrote the pull documentation in brlcad/doc/ directories.
Still to finish writing the regresssion tests before moving on to adding  support for pulling primitives on BRL-CAD.
Thursday August 29, 2013
*Started and finished writing the regression tests for the pull command.
*Tested and compiled code but pull does not appear on the command line when regression tests are ran. Will ask on IRC for assistance here.
Todo: When done with developing the pull interface, I'll dive into writing the pull_leaf routine for all primitives.
Friday August 30, 2013
*Tested regression tests for pull and added manual pages and documentation for pull successfully such as in man pages, appropos library for pull
*To create patch and submit on sourceforge, also tried adding pull to archer but found a little problem. To discuss with mentor on how to proceed.
TodO: After approval of man pages, to continue adding support for all primitives into pull command. and fix bn_poly_sub() test patch.
Saturday August 31, 2013
*Finished testing regression tests and uploaded code to sourceforge
* Continued looking at the primitives such as arb8, arbn so as to continue working on primitives for pull.
== Sept 02 - Sept 08  ==
== Sept 02 - Sept 08  ==
Monday Sept 02
*Started looking at the other primitives; left to complete the pull_leaf() routine. Saw many complications with many primitives. Will need the Assistance of Sean in extracting the matrix transformations from them.
Tuesday Sept 03
*Fixed bug in bn_poly_sub() unit test; uploaded code to [https://sourceforge.net/p/brlcad/patches/224/ sourceforge].
*Succeeded in pulling the following primitives(TGC, REC, PARTICLE, EPA, EHY, HYP, ETO, EXTRUDE). Still left with about 26 primitives to be pulled in order to complete the pull_leaf() routine.
Will need some directions on how to implement pull_leaf() since using switch case statements is not a good design choice.
Thursday05 - Sunday 08
*Took a break so as to recover from malaria.
== Sept 09 - Sept 15  ==
== Sept 09 - Sept 15  ==
Monday 09 October
*Started looking at AABB bbox routines in BRL-CAD. Still to develop simple algorithm that automatically processes the translation from bbox return vectors to determine original translation.
*Read some online wiki pages on AABB bounding box of objects.
ToDO: To start writing routine and unit test tomorrow
Tuesday 10 October
*Started and finished writing tranlate routine which extracts and sets the translation component from the bounding box minimum and maximum points from the bounding box routine.
*To integrate general bounding box calculating function for every primitive.
Wednesday 11 October
* Started testing pull_leaf routine using the rt_functab bbox routine and successfully pulled some translations assuming object's centrepoint was translated from the origin(0,0,0). But still waiting on Sean for some clarifications on the math.
*To look at confirmation from sean and perfect the pull_leaf routine, completing the pull routine and running through valgrind.
Thursday 12 October
*Perfected math on moving bounding box and primitive to origin before extracting translation. But will start testing tomorrow.
Friday 13 October
*Successfully wrote the pull_leaf routine which pulled the translation components of the primitive.
*Tested routine together with the pull_combination routines and successfully moved the matrices right up to the root of the tree. but still unclear with cases where the matrix transformations for the combinations is NAN.
* Submitted [https://sourceforge.net/p/brlcad/patches/215/ patch] on sf and awaiting review before moving on to porting command to archer since i've not been granted commit access.
== Sept 16 - Sept 22  ==
== Sept 16 - Sept 22  ==
Monday Sept 16,
*Started re-testing the pull routine starting from the pull_leaf which pulled correctly.
*Discovered a bug with the pull_comb() routine which pulls matrices which are not symmetric;so will fix bug tomorrow.
*Started stubbing pull to archer but had an error will try to fix problem tomorrow or post question on mailing list and see what comes up.
Tuesday Sept 17
*Continued testing the pull_leaf and realised NAN values were being pulled from the primitives which are to be set to zero in such cases.
*Started fixing bug.
Wednesday Sept 18
* Continued fixing pull_leaf routine but realised pull_comb() routine pulled matrix transformations having NAN as values. to ask mentors about this problem if it persists.
* Was in a meeting with the Vice Chancellor as Google Student Ambassador and explained my Vision for the University during my tenure.
Thursday Sept 19
* Started preparing for my upcoming exams next week; and had a meeting with the Public relations Officer of the University concerning my recent appointment as Google Student Ambassador and plans for the University community.
Friday Sept 20
* Attended the Interview at the University Media House( Chariot FM) where I explained my GSoC experience and current work as Google Student Ambassador.
Saturday Sept 21
*Wrote the Project summary and continued preparing for my exams next week.
== Sept 23 - Sept 28  ==
== Sept 23 - Sept 28  ==
#Monday Sept 23
Started looking at the BRL-CAD documentation spreadsheet posted by Harmanpreet and summarising all documents on the list. Requested for the script from Harmanpreet that automates the summary of the documents.
@Will finish summarising documents tomorrow; since I have to prepare for some of my exams coming up from tomorrow.

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