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=== Contact ===
=== Contact ===
*IRC : ''Neil''/''Neil_''/''Neil__'' etc.
*IRC : ''Neil'' / ''Neil_'' / ''Neil__'' etc.
*E-mail: [mailto:neildhruva@gmail.com neildhruva@gmail.com]
*E-mail: [mailto:neildhruva@gmail.com neildhruva@gmail.com]
*Website: [http://neildhruva.in neildhruva.in]
*Website: [http://neildhruva.in neildhruva.in]

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About Me

My name is Neil Dhruva. I am currently pursuing Bachelors in Computer Science from BITS-Pilani, Goa, India.


  • Web Development
  • App Development with Java
  • Open Source
  • Mobile App Development

Languages Worked With

  • PHP
  • Javascript
  • Java
  • Python
  • C


BRL-CAD Tentative Proposal

Topic - Materials Database: Create a Materials Database web site for collecting, managing, and providing programmatic interfaces to material properties.

My Ideas: Hi Mentors,

I have a few ideas regarding the Materials Database website. The website at present contains the following:

  1. index.html
    1. It has 2 options: (1) generate an xml file of the current database (2) login as admin to admin.php
  2. admin.php
    1. Page has a simple linear layout of all the materials that have been logged so far along with various properties that have been added to each material.
    2. Options are provided for editing the description of each element which gives a text box when 'edit' is clicked.
    3. The user can create his/her own material, add traits to it and edit it. The user can also make it private or public. Every element is associated with a user which obviously is via the relational backend.
    4. Also, when a user tries to change a trait/material that will affect the rest, he/she is asked if sure whether to make the change. All this is accomplished by the GET method.
  3. generate.php
    1. This generates the xml document

I feel a lot of other features can be added to the existing site:

  • The most important one being 'Search'. The main purpose of this website is sharing information and I believe Search is an integral part of helping users achieve results faster.
  • User interaction is another important feature which can be incorporated in terms of better profile pages with message facilities. Links can be provided and an individual can be notified in such events via mail.
  • The entire format of the site, I feel, should be changed. The front end requires work to make the site more user friendly and amiable. Better CSS and JavaScript to make the site more pleasant, yet simple.
  • Also, various different pages along with a navigation bar should be assigned for different tasks, for eg, main page with different materials, another page for editing, one more profile page and so on. Also, every material can be assigned a page with the GET method. POST can be used for the edit page.
  • Comparison of different materials based on different properties can be added.
  • I also think the backend will require work in order to relate tables better for handling more data. And this can further be used to publish the data in various formats like XML which has already been done.

I will come up with a lot more ideas in a few days. I had developed a CMS last year for a project at an Information and Library Network in my hometown under their open source and software development wing. It was based on allowing the employees order inventory and office supplies via an online portal. I have uploaded a [pdf file] containing a few snapshots of the same. I can also send you the code for the same. Apart from this, I have checked out BRL-CAD source and am compiling it simultaneously. I am also interested in the website for Benchmark Performance Database. Once i compile the source and get the benchmark files, I'll be able to elaborate on it.

The website I created was over a span of one and a half months with weekends and various Indian Holidays. Given 3 months, I believe I can do a lot more in GSoC.

Please let me know what I can do to strengthen my proposal.

Thank you,