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Personal Information

Name: Navdeep Bagga

Email Address:

IRC Username: navdeep

Phone number: +91 981 556 4887

Blog Address :

Mailing Address :

Active on Kannel Mailing List :

Brief Background Information:

Final year Bachelor of Technology student ( Stream : Computer Science and Engineering ) at Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College, Ludhiana, Punjab, India.

I am linux User and I rely on Open source. I have done various web based projects.

See them working live here:

1. Login and signup application in Zend Framework.

2. Worked on designing and implementation of database in faculty selection programme held in our college.

GitHub Link :

3. Made certificates for participants by make use of OdtPHP.

GitHub Link :

4. Now I am currently working on SMS API. In which I use WordPress as web interface and make API for sending SMS.

GitHub Link :

Image :


Worked on following mentioned projects:

   Website of IGS(ludhiana chapter): (Working Live).
   Website of genesis 2012 (techfest) in our college.
   Worked on designing and implementation of database in faculty selection programme.
   Playing a volunteer job of admin of college Linux Server and managed all tasks performed on it.

Technical Skills :

Web Related Languages : HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP


CMS : WordPress

Framework : Zend Framework (PHP)

Technologies known :

LaTeX, LDAP, GitHub, DOxygen, Secure shell access (SSH), LimeSurvey, Kannel.

Project Information

Project Title: Web Interface of Material Database

Brief Summary:

This project aims to develop a website in which multi users perform operations on material properties. This is done by creating centralized repository from which user access material information and share with each other, it can be done by use of Mysql database or the other technology like LDAP, I review present working code of material database, I choose to continue with present code by making it more productive as functionality wise by using latest web technologies.

Detailed Description:


I review present working code of material database.


no seperate db connection file:

database username, password are open in the file which should be hidden or seperated

content unmanged :

while going to other link, is followed which should not and it is present in all files.

css are preent in every file which is not seperated

low web technology:

no coding standards are followed

no use of classes,objects and function which cause repetiton in files

no comment and documentation is missing which is difficult to work by other person

more files which is not needed.





db file


use td and tr which old fashioned

Work deliverd for front end

Use OOP concepts:

use of functions, classes, that will make code productive and functionaly good.

refactoring the code :

Use latetst web technologies

follow coding standards

user documentation and developer documentation by using Doxygen

My approach will be to critically review the implemented concept. Based on that I proceed my work.

I will use github for version control system.

beackend :

My work strategy is to first design a repository which able to store material properties of BRL-CAD.

I have two choices to make repository

first is to use LDAP

for ldap steps are

   Signup and login module which authenticate the user.
   Allow users to simultaneously connect with this application.
   Make application to connect with and access data from the LDAP.
   Provide tool kit to perform various operations like specifying, storing, importing, export, and reusing the material properties.LDAP’s main advantage is that it can perform read and write operations fast as compared to the other databases.

For this purpose I will use LDAP to construct a directory structure.

second is mysql database

Limitations on material database

no use foreign keys, relations are loosely coupled

not follow database naming conventions

I make database for that

here insert image

description of database creted by you


Deliver excellent Atutor LDAP module which allow administrator to connect system with ldap easily without much assistance or with having less knowledge of LDAP.

web interface of material database

schema of database

Development Schedule:


17 June - 21 June

To create a repository for storing the material properties of BRL-CAD.

22 June - 29 June

Develop a web interface in which various modules are developed like connect with Material directory structure, develop tool kit to perform operations on material database.

30 June - 2 August

Final go through, and preparation for mid term evaluation.

3 August - 30 August

Fixing bugs, implementing suggested changes, testing.

1 September - 22 September

Ready user documentation and developer documentation using Doxygen or any other tool recommended.

Time Availability:

I will be available 40 hours / week, if needed can spend more. I take responsibility of my work and properly hand off by completing all the project requirements.

Why me?

I am intensely excited to work this year in GSoC with BRL-CAD. I love to do web development and database management. I have already worked on various websites by using various web technologies. Database management is my favourite subject and familiar with highly structured database of LimeSurvey. Made various applications by using database of LDAP and MySQL.