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Project Info[edit]

Project Name Materials Database Project
Student Name Mihai Neacșu
IRC nick mihaineacsu


Week 1[edit]

  • 1 - 5 Jun:
    • Nothing, had final exams

Week 2[edit]


Week 3[edit]

  • 13 - 22 Jun:
    • Nothing, worked on thesis

Week 4[edit]

  • 23 Jun
    • Learned how to use libcurl and looked into a mockup library for libcurl in order to test functionality.
  • 24 Jun
    • Went over the BRL-CAD tutorial series and got a basic understanding on how to use it.
  • 25 Jun
    • Started reading rtweight and gqa source files to get a better idea on how they work.
  • 26 Jun
    • Running a few experiments made it all clearer and also took on an easy task (rtweight behaviour on primitives). This proved really insightful on how rtweight and gqa work and what are some of the used structs.
  • 27 Jun
    • Modify rtweight to accept file paths for the .density file.
  • 28 Jun
    • Break
  • 29 Jun - 1 Jul
    • Modify rtweight and gqa to use local and remote URIs for .density files

Week 5[edit]

  • 2 Jul
    • Had to digg around to understand how to add libcurl to the build process.
  • 3 Jul
    • break
  • 4 Jul
    • Made the suggested changes to the last patch: added 2 interfaces to libbu, one for curl requests (eliminated duplication) and one for reading lines from a string, resembling bu_fgets.
  • 5 Jul
    • Added unit tests for gqa GET requests.
  • 6 Jul
    • break

Week 6[edit]

  • 7 Jul
    • Refactored changes made to rtweight
  • 8, 9 Jul
    • Nothing
  • 10, 11 Jul
    • Started working on what seemed a low hanging fruit, there was an issue with cmake when build path contained spaces
  • 12-14 Jul
    • Break

Week 7[edit]

  • 15-18 Jul
    • Researched how objects are stored and managed within the database: looked into most data structures and functions associated to creation, db import/export. Managed to create dummy object with dummy data to test things out.
    • Started working on creating the materials object and it's functions that will added as a new entry in OBJ, the struct rt_functab vector.
    • As for the materials file formats: started integrating libcsv. libxml is already bundled with BRL-CAD.
  • 19, 20 Jul
    • Break

Week 8[edit]

Objective: Continue working on creating the materials object and also check out how shaders are stored in order to also start working on making a shaders object.