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Project Info

Project Name Materials Database Project
Student Name Mihai Neacșu
IRC nick mihaineacsu


Week 1

  • 1 - 5 May:
    • Nothing, had final exams

Week 2


Week 3

  • 13 - 22 May:
    • Nothing, worked on thesis

Week 4

  • 23 May
    • Learned how to use libcurl and looked into a mockup library for libcurl in order to test functionality.
  • 24 May
    • Went over the BRL-CAD tutorial series and got a basic understanding on how to use it.
  • 25 May
    • Started reading rtweight and gqa source files to get a better idea on how they work.
  • 26 May
    • Running a few experiments made it all clearer and also took on an easy task (rtweight behaviour on primitives). This proved really insightful on how rtweight and gqa work and what are some of the used structs.
  • 27 May
    • objective: mod rtweight and gqa when ran in mged to accept file paths (and later urls) for the .density file.