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Report Week 6

The cmake errors has solved by adding UNKNOWN and IMPORTED files in cmake files.
I have added dm-qt.c in libdm and mged, dm-qt.h in include. dm-qt.c in libdm contains the empty functions for the display manager. The dm-qt.c file in mged connects the display manager with mged. In CMakeLists.txt (root/libdm/mged) I have added a option for qt and included the added files for compiling. In dm.h, dm-generic.c and attach.c i have added macros for dm-qt. BRL-CAD will compile with Strict=off.

Now it is possible to attach a new dm with the command: <source lang="dos">attach qt</source> After attaching a qt window I have gotten a memory leak. Through implementing the Qm_dm_init() function the problem get solved and attaching will cause no error and nothing happens.

Report Week 5

I have used the functions in dm_X.c and deleted all function bodies and renamed them to qt_function. In dm-generic.c I have changed X_open to qt_open for testing. I have to implement a cmake macro for qt, add it to dm-generic.c and remove X_ changes.

After that I have tried to built BRLCAD. Through Warnings I couldn't compile it. So I have changed to Un-Strict Mode in cmake and successfully compiled libdm.

In the next step I have tried to link Qt with BRLCAD. After I added only find_package in CMakeLists.txt I have gotten following error: <source lang="dos"> CMake Error at CMakeLists.txt:456 (_message):

 Attempting to ignore non-existent file UNKNOWN, in directory

Call Stack (most recent call first):

 misc/CMake/BRLCAD_CMakeFiles.cmake:128 (message)
 CMakeLists.txt:375 (CMAKEFILES)
 /usr/share/cmake-2.8/Modules/FindQt4.cmake:374 (ADD_LIBRARY)
 /usr/share/cmake-2.8/Modules/FindQt4.cmake:906 (_QT4_ADJUST_LIB_VARS)
 src/libdm/CMakeLists.txt:16 (FIND_PACKAGE)


The CMake file with definition: <source lang="dos">

  1. Qt library





 # Qt library include
 # Qt link used libraries, core and gui is linked by default
 #target_link_libraries(core ${QT_LIBRARIES})
 #target_link_libraries(gui ${QT_LIBRARIES})


Report Week 4

I have tested many approaches for the Display Manager and tried to change the default Qt Application structure to encapsulate it in the qt_open() function. So every Qt display manager will work as a own application.

The main goal is to get a working structure of the C++ Display Manager Class with the dm Structure in "dm.h".

Report Week 3

I started with the structure of the Qt Display Manager. I have realized, that it is not possible to use the OO approach directly. The function pointers in the structure "dm" can't be used for pointing on member functions (methods).
So I decided to encapsulate a drawing class and instantiate it as a global variable in the qt_dm.cpp. The functions are used as interfaces to this class.

Report Week 2

I have built BRL-CAD successfully on Linux and Windows.

I have released two Patches in this week:

- Refactor and manage libbn tolerance uses by providing an interface default (e.g., an init macro) and making everyone use that where it is hardcoded to 0.0005 presently.

-I have added a relative float check (following to: and fixed some FIXME section with it. I am not certain about it. If the algorithm is suitable for brlcad, i could change the rest of vmath.h.

On both I am waiting for Feedback.

Report Week 1

I have built BRL-CAD from svn on ubuntu (12.04).
I have installed and built all depencies on Windows, but I get following build errors (only a few of them, the errors repeating):

<source lang="dos"> On libpoints-static: 448>points_scan.l(130): error C2065: 'PLATE': not declared 448>points_scan.l(145): error C2065: 'SYMMETRY': not declared 448>points_scan.l(160): error C2065: 'CYLINDER': not declared </source> Same on: libpoints […]

scriptsort: <source lang="dos"> cl: Command line error D8021: invalid numeric argument / Wno-error. </source> intro-to-tcltk_presentation_html, Konfiguration; imod: no error or warning message
All projects with libged depencies, even though libged-static build is successful: <source lang="dos"> 590> LINK: fatal error LNK1104: File ".. \ .. \ debug \ lib \ libged.lib" can not be opened. </source>

All projects with libtclcad depencies, even though libtclcad -static build is successful: <source lang="dos"> 614> LINK: fatal error LNK1104: File ".. \ .. \ debug \ lib \ libtclcad.lib" can not be opened. </source>

Mged_tclindex: <source lang="dos"> 618> Generating .. / ../../Debug/share/brlcad/7.21.0/tclscripts/pl-dm/pkgIndex.tcl 618> The command ".. \ .. \ bin \ .. \ debug \ btclsh.exe" is either misspelled or 618> could not be found. 618> C: \ Program Files (x86) \ MSBuild \ Microsoft.Cpp \ v4.0 \Microsoft.CppCommon.targets (151.5): error MSB6006: "cmd.exe" exited with code 9009. […] --> 851 successful and 74 errors" </source>