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Hi BRL-CAD Team,

i am Mesut Özdogan from germany. I am studing media and applied information technology at the university of applied sciences duesseldorf.

In my free time i love it to develope. I have tried many directions, esspacialy webdevelopment and db-dev, after the half of my studies i have deceided to become more specialized in computer graphics. Now iam at the begining and gaining more and more knowledge.

At begining of may i will take my bachelor exam. The content of the bachelor thesis is a raytracer vizualizer. The programm renders a scene through a self coded raytracer. At the same time the steps of ray calculation and tracing is visualized by a opengl window. This program is designed for education proposes on computer graphics lectures. I am finished with coding and optimizing. I have only to fix few bugs and write the thesis, which will take about a month.

The great thing is that the programm based on qt and was written in c++, to target windows, mac and linux. I have learned a much about qt and cross plattform work. In addition i have a lot exercied opengl coding with this project. If you want i can provide you with a copy of the software, i will post it on source forge under the gnu licence, when i have toked my exam.

I have review the displaymanager of the brl-cad source. I think it is quite simple to do the same in qt and opengl. Maybe it is a bit tricky to rewrite all of the code, but it is manageable for me.

At first i would check if is possibly to use qt in this project. QT have a little bit quirky gl implementation.

In the next step i would review the code in more detail and specify all needed interfaces.

At last code and optimize..

It would be great to work on this project. My goal is to concentrate my abilities on cg. Write a part of a modeling tool is the real big thing for me. In addition i have much time to spend on this. 40h/week is posible.

Thank you for reading.

Best regards Mesut