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About myself

I am Mesut Özdogan from Germany. I am studying media and applied information technology at the university of applied sciences Dusseldorf. On 24'th may I will get my degree.
In my free time I love it to develop. I have tried many directions, especially web development and db-dev, after the half of my studies I have decided to become more specialized in computer graphics. Now I am at the beginning and gaining more and more knowledge.


In my bachelor thesis I have developed a education application for computer graphic lectures. The application renders a scene through a self coded Raytracer. At the same time the steps of ray calculation and tracing is visualized by a OpenGL window.

In my free time, which was about zero in the last moths, I develop games for mobile devices.
I have some experience in Java, C++, PHP and MySQL.


IRC: kane_

GSoC 2012 Project

I will develop a cross platform display manager with the Qt libraries.


The graphical output of applications are done by a display manager. Every operating system has its own characteristics. The graphicssytem of application has to adjusted to them. As a result the administration effort will increase. A cross-platform implementation would provide a easy maintainable display manager. For the BRL-CAD application a cross-platform display manager will be developed.

Additional Info

For the cross-platform display manager we will use Qt libraries. The graphical output will be displayed by a QPainter instance.


- get configuration how depth, background colour,...
- initialize a QPainter on a QPicture canvas
- Draw Lines
- Draw LineLists
- Draw Text
- Set states how line width, style, colour...
- load matrixes, view and transformation
- set transparency