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** Users having highest number of models first.
** Users having highest number of models first.
* Newsfeed shall remain empty unless no user is being followed whatsoever.
* Newsfeed shall remain empty unless no user is being followed whatsoever.
=='''Week 7'''==
'''July 6'''
* Added a field by the name "viewsCount" keeping track of number of views of model.
* The newsfeed now shows popular models, sorted on the basis of number of views.
'''July 7'''
* Initial trials to incorporate wmater command in the viewer.
'''July 8 - July 11'''
* Stayed at home.
'''July 12'''
* Searched about "load more" feature for pages (newsfeed, profile page and my-models page). Pagination in meteor '''[https://github.com/alethes/meteor-pages here]'''.
* Need to test the meteor-pages package in the app.
* No success in wmater command.
* 'Load more' functionality is working with '''[https://github.com/tmeasday/meteor-paginated-subscription meteor paginated subscription]''' package. But needs a lot of work.
=='''Week 8'''==
'''July 13'''
* Deleted/disabled the suggested models feature. Issue in meteor subscription/publication functionality due to which, the load more feature <br />does not seem to support different kinds of publication for the same collection. Need of a different "explore models" page. <br />But first finishing of existing bugs is required.
* Explore Page, for searching/exploring models:
** Search bar (only by name)
** Sort by: number of views, number of likes, time of upload (radio buttons)
** Search in: Categories (check boxes).
** Approximate time to be taken for completion 7-10 days.
** Problem to be faced: Publishing data differently from same collection on single page. (keeping the load more functionality intact)
'''July 14'''
* Set up a new explore page.
* Looked into different methods in which models can be viewed.
* Need to set the load more functionality aside.
* Successfully displaying models with different sorting properties, but without user input.
'''July 15'''
* Tried to work with load more functionality and displaying different views of the same collection.
* Just trying to work on the load more functionality
'''July 16'''
* Tested meteor packages for adding search-bar and search models by name option to Explore page.
* Successful implementation of search-box (searching models through name) using search-source package.
* User can search through search box by model name and user name.
'''July 17'''
* Searching models and users through search boxes complete. with front end.
* Started working on filter wise searching/displaying of models.
* Filters: Category, Upload time-range, Sort
* Taking input through drop-down menu, appending selected input to text field, and displaying selected filters.
* Undo button for removing last added filter.
'''July 18 - July 21'''
* Out of station for hackIndia (national level hackathon).
=='''Week 9'''==
'''July 22'''
* Stayed at home
'''July 23'''
* Tried working with wmater command to get color of models. Confused about its use.
'''July 24'''
* Working on the explore page to search models according to category.
* Facing difficulties in previous implementations.
* Made a form for submission of filters.
'''July 25'''
* exploring wmater and get_comb
'''July 27'''
* Got PR merged on GSOC branches.
* Stop adding further features, work on bug-free OGV.
'''July 30'''
* Started the bug fixing routine. fork now up to date with the GSOC15-merged branch.
'''July 31'''
* Bugs due to merging fixed. Ambiguous front-end problems and deleted routes problem has been solved
'''August 1'''
* unwanted file deletion
* generalized feedback frontend and a few other issues.
'''August 2'''
* Eliminated a different explore page and combined it with newsfeed page.
'''August 3'''
* College reopens. Classes start.
* Google+ profile pictures are successfully being viewed (except on newsfeed page)
'''August 4'''
* Profile page and newsfeed front end fixes mostly including alignment and positioning.
'''After 5 August'''
* Fixing bugs about backend and front end part
* There were many small isuues
* Trying to work on deployment part, on ubuntu server, but coud not complete sue to some reasons.
* Talked to deepak (had better progress in working with deployment), came back to fixing bugs etc.
* Send my update branch PR.
* Plenty of merge-conflicts come up. Working with project partner Deepak to resolve issues and make GSOC15-merged branch clean
* Prepared a list of enhancements to OGV and how to bring them into it.
* College fest work.
* Preparing for internships (competitive programming).
* Starting of college projects (3 course projects to come and 1 project under a professor ongoing).
'''8 OUT OF 10 PROPOSED MILESTONES COMPLETED [http://brlcad.org/wiki/User:MeShubham99/GSoc15/OGV_production_ready_plan see link]'''

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