User:Mariomeissner/rtweight tasks


This page is a list of the tasks remaining to make rtweight a usable tool with the new Voronoi implementation that Mario Meissner coded during his SOCIS 2017 program.

For any questions about the current algorithm, please send an email to

Minor required code changes

- Get rid of all static arrays, and make use of dynamic memory instead.

- Get rid of the MARGIN variable and use already existing BU tools to handle float comparisons.

- Find a better way to grant all hit calls access to the user_plist. Currently this is a global variable.

Major tasks

- Handle different materials properly. For now we assume all our data points are for one material, and we don't check which material we are crossing.

- Add an option to create and store a new datapoint-set to a file.

- Add an option to use a file to load the datapoints.

- Change the usage function to reflect all the changes.

- Change the return text to reflect all the changes.