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Development Logs

Community Bonding Period

  • During the community bonding period, I read the code and asked some questions about the ANSI C boolean evaluation algorithm to better understand some concepts and to plan the necessary things to port to OpenCL.
  • I started to write some code in order to get an advance on my project. This consisted in creating the kernels in OpenCl to weave the segments and to evaluate the partitions, and setting the arguments for those kernels. Ended with an initial version of the "weave_segs" kernel.

May 30, 2017

  • Coding Period officially begins!!
  • Because I misunderstood an important concept about the weave of segments, the resulting number of partitions with the initial version of the 'weave_segs' kernel was incorrect. Started to implement a new version of the code

Week 1: 30 May - 2 June

  • Finalized the "weave_segs" kernel and the the solution seems ok. When testing the code with a simple CSG scene (two spheres intersecting), the number of partitions and the number of segments in each partition is correct. 1, 2 or 3 partitions per ray at most, and the rays with 3 partitions have only 2 segments in the second partition, which is supposed according to the testing example.
  • After evaluating the partitions, the results also seemed correct. Every partition evaluated with "TRUE" value is from a ray with 3 partitions, and only

the middle partition of the ray has the "TRUE" value.

  • Planning to shade the segments from the evaluated partitions next week.
Testing scene with two spheres intersecting