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== August ==
== August ==
August 24:
* Submitting final evaluation survey, and sending e-mail to the developer mailing list with the summary about the work done and future.
* Screenshot: http://brlcad.org/~mafm/g3d-screenshots/brlcad_rbgui_20080824-1.png
August 20:
* (In trunk) Bug fixing: not using argv[0] when argc<1, it tends to be crashy ;) (it happened to me when trying to use the library). I did some minor normalization in other commands, initializing the result and so on, hopefully I didn't introduce new bugs due to poor understanding of the way it works.
* (In trunk) Remove '#if GED_USE_RUN_RT', Sean did the same yesterday in libged but not here, so now it won't compile.
* Fixing the commands in g3d using libged -- finally they are using the library correctly and libged is not crashing improperly.
August 19:
* Fixing libged commands, now they at least give some result and mostly work.
* Using program-wide data structures for libged, instead of on-demand ones for testing until now.
August 18:
* Official "Pencils down" date.
* I was trying to get my commands using libged working, but no luck so far and no tangible code worth to commit.
August 17:
* Adding a couple of new commands using libged, but still not properly working (I don't know if it's my fault or libged's)
August 15:
* Moving Command base class to a separate file
* Preparing CMake files for using BRL-CAD library
* Adding a new command to start to use libged (more to come, but I'm having some issues)
August 11/12:
* Preparing binary package so more people can test it.  Unfortunately they're only for GNU/Linux amd64, since my personal laptop got screwed and I cannot install new systems in the computer at work.  The packages are in: http://brlcad.org/~mafm/g3d-packages/ , some other libs are necessary in order to get it running: libfreeimage, libCg etc; easily available from your favourite distro or the Intertubes.
August 8:
* Working in the camera control window, fixing some of the remaining problems
* Revisiting part of the code, removing some comments not applicable anymore and doing a bit of cleanup.
* Starting to prepare a binary package.
August 7:
* Perfecting the taskbar, now it works much more closely to the Ideal Operation Environment (IOE, see my wiki page for the video) that we take as ideal interaction model
* Enhancing custom widget with a label and the numerical progress (useful at least when testing)
* Several other minor changes related with this.
August 6:
* After a few days of weekend and relax visiting friends and family, came back to work.
* Adding methods to CameraMode to retrieve the relative rotations, so (in example) they can be shown in windows
* Continued working with the custom widget.  It's not easy since it seems that some of the brush methods don't work (in example to draw lines), so I changed the strategy to use a kind of slider instead of a "pie" to represent the rotation.
August 1:
August 1:

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