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Development Logs

Project Details

Project Name Consolidating and Adding the Image Processing Functions to LIBICV
Project Sudent Mohit Daga
IRC(nick) zero_level
Google-Melange username zero_level
Phone Number +91 9783582684


This page will contain weekly targets and Updates about the work done.

From 1st to 5th June

Will be unavialable on the internet, Visiting the meditation facility.

  • Targets during this time
    • As per the proposal document I will be studying the Image Processing tools.
  • Read Details reagarding SVN.

5th June to 9th June

  • Read Codes of the utilitis from Group 1-8. Made Rough Notes for all theses utilities and working for an Implementation Plan.

10th June to 12th June

  • Api Design and Posting them on BRLCAD website. It can be accessed from here.

12th June - 14th June

  • Working on conversion tools. Posted a patch for conversion of pix-bw and bw-pix.Patch can be found [[1]].

Week 1 (17-22 June)

  • Structure Definitions : This week structure and api defintions were designed. had good discussions with the mentors on the possibility of the design and finalizing it.
  • Later during the end of week I read about high defintion images. Familiarized myself with Openexr [2] image containers. Also about how bmp, png handles them. About
Depth Converters
  • Bw-pix, pix-bw : I converted these two utilities to functions. These were important because these can help convert a grey level image to a colour image and vice versa. Saved as patch.
  • Wrote Doxygen comments for ICV Header file. Committed by ``Erik
  • Revisited my pre-application ICV_LOAD patches. Improved them and posted. Waiting to be reviewed. (Patch 197).
Cropping Functions
  • Although Groups start from the second week. During Discussions with the mentors, I implemented functionalities of Group 1. icv_rect (cropping with rectangular box.) and icv_crop(cropping with skewed cordinates). Although these have to be remodified with the new structure defintions.
  • I found a code redundancy while reading the utilities last week. Thus posted it. The mentors found issues with the compatibility of bwhisteq and its corectness. I checked and tested it on artificially uniform grad images, two clour images with half dark and half light and natural images of lena, barbara. Turns out that this is fine.

P.S. From next week onwards I will update on daily basis.


24th June

Worked on Operations(GROUP 2). Learnt the macro usage of vmath.h. This provides nice macro defintions. Although these cannot be used for image data. Designed new macro definitions for icv_data. Initiated a discussion for keeping them in icv_math.h

25th June

  • Tested three different structure dfintions for the time. These are here [3] [4] [5]
  • checked the Crop, and rect as per the new struct defintion
  • Find out a plan to implement these structure on the existing use of a libicv in rt,libged and rmrt

26th and 27th June

  • Wrote Functions to read, write, create Image and zero image.
  • Separate files have been made for each format. Added pix, bw format.
  • Links to these files are as follows

  • Road ahead:- Incorporate them in rt/view.c rt/viewxray.c rt/viewedge.c and rt/do.c and libged/screengrab.c