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Weekly Updates

Project Details

Project Name Consolidating and Adding the Image Processing Functions to LIBICV
Project Sudent Mohit Daga
IRC(nick) zero_level
Google-Melange username zero_level
Phone Number +91 9783582684


This page will contain weekly targets and Updates about the work done.

From 1st to 5th June

Will be unavialable on the internet, Visiting the meditation facility.

  • Targets during this time
    • As per the proposal document I will be studying the Image Processing tools.
  • Read Details reagarding SVN.

5th June to 9th June

  • Read Codes of the utilitis from Group 1-8. Made Rough Notes for all theses utilities and working for an Implementation Plan.

10th June to 12th June

  • Api Design and Posting them on BRLCAD website. It can be accessed from here.

12th June - 14th June

  • Working on conversion tools. Posted a patch for conversion of pix-bw and bw-pix.Patch can be found [[1]].