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*'''decimate''' :- created a wrapper function namely icv_resize to handle the resizing functionality.
*'''decimate''' :- created a wrapper function namely icv_resize to handle the resizing functionality.
*'''stat''' :- implemented mode, median, skew and variance functionalities.
*'''stat''' :- implemented mode, median, skew and variance functionalities.
=== Week 9 ===
'''''Monday (August 10)
*modified bw_read and pix_read such that it can read from stdin and
*Modified bw_read and pix_read such that it could save to stdout.
*These two modiciations are useful for writting and reading images to/from pipes
*Did some codecleaning by correcting messages.
'''''Tuesday (August 11)
* Started converting utilities to use icv library.
* Converted bwrect to use icv library.
* Also leart bu_getopt and other function to handle the operators
'''''Wednesday (August 12)
* Improved the nomenclature of icv library as per the mentor's advice
#icv_save -> icv_write
#icv_load -> icv_read
#icv_free -> icV_destroy
'''''Wednesday (August 13)
* Had discussions on IRC regarding the fate of the utiities. And other utilities option.
'''''Thrudsay (August 14)
* corrected the documentation of bwrect as per the new modification.
* Incorporated the use of icv in pixrect.
* Wrote the docs for pixrect for icv.
'''''Thrudsay (August 15)
* Added routines to read/write dpix images.
* Also created icv_normalize function to handle the dpix images.
'''''(August 16 - August 22)
* Taken a break for holidays. Independence day and RakshaBandhan
=== Week 10 ===
'''''August 23
* Made provision for bw-pix to use libicv.
* Pixfade also uses libicv.
'''''August 24
* Reduced parameters of rgb2gray. This now takes the weights and the color combinations.
* Added few macros for icv to covert rgb images into gray images using the standard weights.
* Put some brain on the error related to sextic polynomials. Helped Izak_ (on IRC) to correct it.
=== Week 11 ===
'''''August 25 & August 26
* icv_filter didnt take care of the boundaries till now. Finding a solution to correct this behaviour.
* Also had a discussion related to minimal changes.
'''''August 27
* Modified icv_filter to preserve boundary condition.
* Incorporated libicv in bwfilter app. This now has an option to output to a specified file name. Also pipes can be handled.
'''''August 28
* Encountered error in regress due to the latest changes in pix-bw utility.
* Looking at regress and trying to study its functionality.
'''''August 29
* Updated the man page of bwfilter with recent changes in libicv.
* Added verbose in bwfilter as per the previous usage.
* Added offset and kerndivision flag options in bwfilter.
* Wored out the regress error. Also there was an error with expr in the regress. Helped in finding that out.
'''''August 30 and August 31 
* Improved bw_read and pix_read to read images without specifying the image size. Also updated the docs.
* Used this improvement in pix-bw. Also changed at the instances pix-bw is used.
* did some code cleaning in color_space utilities, bw-pix.
=== Week 12 ===
(Exam Week at home institute.)
* Updated and restructured the mannual page for pix-bw
* Created a list of doubts in development of libicv. Had an informative discussion with Sean (brlcad) on irc related to development and task left for completion. Added all the points in src/libicv/TODO.

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