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GSOC 14 Summary


This week I am scheduled to implement the following

  • ARS

May 19th

  • I implemented ARS.
  • Also implemented Ctypes Adapter to handle 2D Array

May 20th

  • Initiated witting test for ARS.
  • Stuck in errors.

May 21th

  • Tried with different approaches to handle the array but with little success.

May 22th

  • Took a break off from ARS and implemented HALF runs properly. (tests also compile).

May 23th

  • Relooked at ARS, dug the C code, found some error and the way ars data should be sent.
  • But the error still persists. although corrected my approach for sending data to mk_as

May 24th

  • Corrected the error after a call with Csaba, The error was related to freeing the memory from brlcad-C code and also python code. Hopefully this experience helps me solve future problems


This week's plan is to come in sync with the time line.

May 26

  • Implemented superell.
  • Also made two patches in accordance with the brlcad C repository(main).

May 27

  • Sent a pull request for the code to be merged.
  • Also worked on metaball. Metaball has some internal functions which are to be modified. thus figuring out a way to do it.

May 28

  • Looked a Pipe primitive of brlcad and its implementation in python. Metaball has similar traits but there are further challenges. The data in metaball doesn't have number of points. Therefore this is tricky.

May 29

  • Implemented Metaball.
  • Though there was an issue with the fastf_t *verts[5], and I keep getting a very funny error :: expected LP_c_double_Array_5 instance instead of LP_c_double_Array_5
  • Therefore for now my implementation works with fastf_t **verts.

May 30

  • Started working on EBM.
  • Learned brlcad image-processing tools. (They are quite good :-))
  • Also getting this strange error "test framework quit unexpectedly"

May 31

  • Some strange behavior with my set-up.
  • Re-set up everything.
  • finally it turned out that all my executables in the brlcad C repo where 0 sized.


June 2

  • Created EBM primitve.
  • Used Ychar image given in the example.
  • works well

June 3

  • Found a tricky error in BRLCAD C repository. The last argument in mk_metaball()
  • Submitted patches #278 on the sf site to correct that.
  • Also corrected the metaball implementation and found a better way to terminate the list argument.

June 4

  • Was away most of the day.
  • Accommodated changes suggested by Csaba.

June 5

  • Implemented Grip.
  • Explored Bot and Constraint,
  • Constraint need not be implemented for now because its api is not mature.
  • Bot is an interesting primitive. Chalked out a way for it.

June 6

  • Spent my time figuring out issue with bot.

June 7

  • Added bot primitive.
  • The current version only creates a bot with plate mode.


June 9

  • Started working on a new primitive.
  • Apparently found an error in submodel primitive.
  • Reported it to the core developers team
  • Worked on modularizing the bot primitive.

June 10

  • Contd. working on BOT.
  • Tried different approaches.
  • Modularizing a complex primitive as BOT has turned out to be tricky.
  • Finally created a module wherein facility of adding faces in a bot is different
  • Also each method has a different stub altogether.

June 11

  • Cleaned the Bot code.
  • Wrote few tests cases of different methods. This will also serve as examples
  • Also finished working on submodel primitive.
  • Created a different file in the resource directory for the tests.

June 12,13,14, 15

  • Traveling (informed Csaba)


June 17

  • Corrected ARS api to make it python friendly. The changed api only requires curve information.
  • Modified ctypes array2d to make it more robust.

June 18

  • Started implementing pnts.
  • Pnts has different parts, thus implementing them using different classes.
  • Spent my time archetecting the pnts primitive.

June 19

  • Bryan merged my code and indicated an error in metaball tests
  • Halting pnts implementation and focusing on correcting metaball.
  • Found a strategy to work such the mk_metaball is not required.
  • Also I dont know why BU_LIST_INIT is not wrapped automatically! (Thus implemented it seperately as a ctypes adaptor)
  • Now this doesnt require usage of mk_metaball function. Tests run on the current version of brlcad c-repository.

June 20

  • There are 3 primitives which are left to be wrapped PNTS, BINUNIF and DSP.
  • Today I tried to understand the requirements of all three.
  • Went through the c code in libwdb (dsp,binunif) and typein(all three).
  • I am sure by the end of next week till which the stipulated time finishes I will have finished these primitives.

June 21

  • Worked on DSP primitive created dsp followed dsp tutorial.
  • Got accumulated to the process of dsp creation.
  • Understood the v5 method of creation in typein.


June 23

  • Implemented DSP primitive.
  • Used a different approach, because the mk_dsp doesn't have the required parameters
  • But it creates a issue while freeing it.
  • Tried resolving it but with no success.

June 24

  • Re-looked at the issue of DSP.
  • Used GDB to get the backtrace. Pasted it in the channel. Waiting for reply.
  • Also committed the code in a different branch in dsp_primitive.
  • Also resolved issues notified by Csaba in the code.