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GSOC 14 Summary


This week I am scheduled to implement the following

  • ARS

May 19th

  • I implemented ARS.
  • Also implemented Ctypes Adapter to handle 2D Array

May 20th

  • Initiated witting test for ARS.
  • Stuck in errors.

May 21th

  • Tried with different approaches to handle the array but with little success.

May 22th

  • Took a break off from ARS and implemented HALF runs properly. (tests also compile).

May 23th

  • Relooked at ARS, dug the C code, found some error and the way ars data should be sent.
  • But the error still persists. although corrected my approach for sending data to mk_as

May 24th

  • Corrected the error after a call with Csaba, The error was related to freeing the memory from brlcad-C code and also python code. Hopefully this experience helps me solve future problems


This week's plan is to come in sync with the timeline.

May 26

  • Implemented superell.
  • Also made two patches in accordance with the brlcad C repository(main).

May 27

  • Sent a pull request for the code to be merged.
  • Also worked on metaball. Metaball has some internal functions which are to be modified. thus figuring out a way to do it.