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GSOC 14 Summary


This week I am scheduled to implement the following

  • ARS

May 19th

  • I implemented ARS.
  • Also implemented Ctypes Adapter to handle 2D Array

May 20th

  • Initiated witting test for ARS.
  • Stuck in errors.

May 21th

  • Tried with different approaches to handle the array but with little success.

May 22th

  • Took a break off from ARS and implemented HALF runs properly. (tests also compile).

May 23th

  • Relooked at ARS, dug the C code, found some error and the way ars data should be sent.
  • But the error still persists. although corrected my approach for sending data to mk_as

May 24th

  • Corrected the error after a call with Csaba, The error was related to freeing the memory from brlcad-C code and also python code. Hopefully this experience helps me solve future problems


This week's plan is to come in sync with the time line.

May 26

  • Implemented superell.
  • Also made two patches in accordance with the brlcad C repository(main).

May 27

  • Sent a pull request for the code to be merged.
  • Also worked on metaball. Metaball has some internal functions which are to be modified. thus figuring out a way to do it.

May 28

  • Looked a Pipe primitive of brlcad and its implementation in python. Metaball has similar traits but there are further challenges. The data in metaball doesn't have number of points. Therefore this is tricky.

May 29

  • Implemented Metaball.
  • Though there was an issue with the fastf_t *verts[5], and I keep getting a very funny error :: expected LP_c_double_Array_5 instance instead of LP_c_double_Array_5
  • Therefore for now my implementation works with fastf_t **verts.

May 30

  • Started working on EBM.
  • Learned brlcad image-processing tools. (They are quite good :-))
  • Also getting this strange error "test framework quit unexpectedly"

May 31

  • Some strange behavior with my set-up.
  • Re-set up everything.
  • finally it turned out that all my executables in the brlcad C repo where 0 sized.


June 2

  • Created EBM primitve.
  • Used Ychar image given in the example.
  • works well

June 3

  • Found a tricky error in BRLCAD C repository. The last argument in mk_metaball()
  • Submitted patches #278 on the sf site to correct that.
  • Also corrected the metaball implementation and found a better way to terminate the list argument.