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Project Title

Python Geometry : Python Bindings for BRL-CAD Geometry

Brief summary of Project

This project aims to wrap BRL-CAD's primitives in python. BRL-CAD in python is an ongoing effort to wrap BRL-CAD functionality in python [1]. Further this project aims at completing the primitives wrapping. With each wrap tests and examples will be added to ensure agility and efficiency.

Detailed project description

Sample Codes and Tools

I have already wrapped vol primitive in python. This has been merged by Csaba in his repository. Details can be found at [2].


Importance of the Project


Time availability

Coding period GSOC time line falls in my holidays. My University exams finishes on 15th May 2014 and my joining date at Sapient Nitro (the software company where I have been recruited) will fall in mid- September or October. Thus I will be free completely. I can spend 5-6 hours a day on this project.

Development schedule

My preparation for the Project

  • My preparation for this project began by looking at the development – logs of previous students..
  • Further I contacted few of them (Kesha and Mohit from GSOC 2013) who gave insights on choosing a project.
  • Later I introduced myself on the list and asked for help regarding projects
  • Then I asked for some work on python repository. Csaba (javampire on #IRC) helped me with that.
  • I got hold of the CVS system used by python-brlcad (git) and brlcad (svn) main repository, installed working environment (Pycharm)
  • I successfully submitted a pull request (with VOL primitive) which was merged in the repository. [2]


BRL-CAD as an organization has well documented procedures. It has a defined structure for GSOC students. I tried with other organizations but found BRL-CAD as more welcoming for students with intermediate skills.

Why you?