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Project (End term) Summary


This project aimed to wrap BRL-CAD's primitives in python. The python-bindings allows for easy and simple access to the BRL-CAD APIs for geometry construction and manipulation. One of the wonderful project which illustrates the power of Python-BRLCAD can be found at

I started my work with Python-BRLCAD as Google Summer of Code student. To know more about GSoC please visit

Tasks Accomplished

  • I have implemented the primitives for python-brlcad.
  • Also I have wrapped Open Nurbs library to be used in Python by using pybindgen.

Tasks Remaining

  • Binuif is not implemented as a primitive.
  • Constraints api is not mature thus not implemented.

Way forward

  • Python-BRLCAD now contains most brlcad primitives. With the availability of OpenNurbs library wrapped in python now we have the resources to even extend the support for brep in python-brlcad.