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===8 AUGUST 2015===
===8 AUGUST 2015===
- Reworking libxml to to install if not found in system
- Reworking libxml to to install if not found in system
===10 AUGUST 2015===
- Still studying g-x3d exporter code
- Adding code comments
===11 AUGUST 2015===
- Adding support for VRML1_* nodes
===12 AUGUST 2015===
- Finalized work on polygonal(INDEXED*) nodes
===13 AUGUST 2015===
- Testing and debugging code
===14 AUGUST 2015===
- Code clean up
- Updated code to scale points by 1000
===15-16 AUGUST 2015===
- Took the weekend off to visit my parents, but I still did a little work on my project
===17 AUGUST 2015===
- Working on changing freewrl dependency on libxml to another xml parser as suggested by starseeker
===18 AUGUST 2015===
- Developed user manual for x3d-g importer
===19 AUGUST 2015===
- Reworked manual
- code cleanup
===20 AUGUST 2015===
- Further code cleanup and testing
- Resolved compile issues with libxml
===21 AUGUST 2015===
- Conclude GSoC work (submitted cleaned up patches for importer and manual) https://sourceforge.net/p/brlcad/patches/394/#052e
- Continued working on g-x3d exporter

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