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GSoC 2018 Project Plan[edit]

Overall Goals[edit]

  • Work on Debian packaging situation for FreeCAD so improvements filter down to Ubuntu, Linux Mint, etc.
    • Package FreeCAD 0.17
      • w/ OCCT 7.2
      • w/ Qt5 support via PySide2
      • w/ external SMESH
      • w/ Netgen
      • w/ Python 3
    • Package PySide 2 suite
      • pyside2
      • shiboken2
      • pyside2-tools
    • Package Netgen 6.2.18xx w/ OCCT 7.2
    • Update Gmsh to use OCCT 7.2
    • Package SMESH w/ OCCT 7.2
  • Work on packaging & distribution situation on Windows using Conda
    • Translate packaging improvements in Debian->Conda
    • Enable debugging & development support
  • Work on CI & CD solution using Buildbot
    • Deliverable: Ansible playbook to deploy Buildbot workers on
      • Debian/Ubuntu
      • Windows 7/10
  • Come up with dependency graph using Graphviz & release documentation to streamline release process and ease management of dependencies

Phase 1[edit]

  • Primary goal: Finish PySide 2 packaging
  • Secondary goal: Begin Netgen & SMESH packaging

Phase 2[edit]

  • Primary goal: Finish Netgen, SMESH, and Gmsh packaging
  • Secondary goal: Begin Buildbot & Conda work on Windows

Phase 3[edit]

  • Primary goal: Finish Buildbot automation for Linux & Windows
  • Secondary goal: Finalize package improvements in Debian & Windows/Conda

GSoC 2018 Final Report[edit]

My final work product summary is available at

In short, large deviation from the original plan occurred since I found out PySide 2 packaging was being done by another person who was a sponsored and well-accomplished Debian developer. Because of this, the main thrust of the project instead became improving the overall FreeCAD packaging ecosystem health, starting at the source of the Debian family tree, Debian itself, so that improvements will make their way to downstream distributions like Ubuntu and Linux Mint.

In this goal, the project was a huge success!