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Name: Jasleen Kaur

Email Address:

IRC Username: jasleen

Brief Background Information:

An open source programmer with background of C/C++ . I am familiar with Qt and I am working for the LibreCAD organisation, which uses Qt framework. My Interest is in Computer Graphics, Data Structures. I recently added 6 new features in LibreCAD

Final year B.Tech student of Information and Technology at Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College, Ludhiana, India.

Phone number: +91 887 240 9561

Project Information:

Project Title: Cross-Platform 3D Display Manager.

Brief summary: This project's main goal is to make a Cross Platform Display Manager. Currently, their are canvas specific Display Managers (wgl, ogl, ps, plot, tk, rtgl, X). To make a cross platform Display Manager, I am using Qt framework. Qt is used to make a cross platform applications. Based on Qt's QCanvas, a cross platform Display Manager will be made. This Display manager will work on any window system. dm-qt.c will be my new cross platform Display Manager's C file, which will based Qt's canvas, which is a cross platform canvas. Its header will be /src/include/dm-qt.c . I will hook this cross platform Display manager in Cmake file (/src/libdm/CMakeLists.txt).

Detailed description:

In a cross platform display manager, I will use Qt classes. Qt's QCanvas, Qt OpenGL, QPixmap, QObject, QPalette, QPainter, QFrame, QTransform, QMouseEvent,QKeyEvent etc will be used. QPainter class has functions like drawPoint(), drawLine(), drawPixmap(). I will hook this cross platform Display manager in Cmake file (/src/libdm/CMakeLists.txt). Cmake utility generates a makefile which will compile this C code. For Keyboard and mouse Integration,the QWidget::setEnable() function can be used to enable or disable mouse and keyboard events for a widget. The event handlers Widget::keyPressEvent(), Widget::keyReleaseEvent(), QGraphicsItem::keyPressEvent() and QGraphicsItem::keyReleaseEvent() receive key events. To get Qt running with Tk window (MGED/Archer), I will use a binding(suggested by developers) to integrate Qt with Tk/Tcl (if necessary). Otherwise, I will create an integration between them in my code myself. Testing: I will create a new database file (.g), where I will examine the working of operations by performing these operations on Qt's canvas which will work on any platform. Documentation: It will obvious the part of my project. I will deliver this project with a complete Developer's Documentation. So that if anyone wants to involve in it, can easily get involved. This documentation will contain all its workflow. For documentation I will use Doxygen or latex or any software suggested by developers. Maintenance: I will be active on IRC, mailing list and will continue my contribution. I will contribute even after GSoC overs. I will take care of all bugs/issues related to my project and also contribute my time to solve others bugs/issues too. Framework I intend to use: Qt is a cross-platform application framework that is widely used for developing application software with a graphical user interface (GUI) (in which cases Qt is classified as a widget toolkit), and also used for developing non-GUI programs such as command-line tools and consoles for servers.

Deliverables: Fully functional, thoroughly tested, cross platform Display manager.

Milestones: Revision of Existing code. an routines of libdm. Exploring Making a patch to show my ability of programming. Create dm-qt.c (src/libdm/) and its header dm-qt.h in (src/include/). First by copying the exiting code ok dm-tk.c to dm-qt.c files. Code using Qt classes in dm-qt.c Run Qt with Tk windows (both MGED and Archer). Here the GUI will remain as it is, but all the routines will be set using in Qt classes. Performing basic operations: drawing line,text, point, Input from keyboard, mouse to test its functionality. Remove redundancy of code( if exist). Testing by uploading same .g file on my display manager by working on different OS. Making a patch of my work. Submitting it to Google. Maintenance (future work)


May 1 - May 26: (Getting familiar and making patch ) I am making patches to show them my ability to code. Interacting with developers on IRC, Mailing List. Discussions with developers to innovate this idea with more useful features.

Link to Patches:


May 27 - June 2: (Explore existing code) Till now I explored exiting code with the help of this link Now I know what routines are working for Display Manger and its dependencies. My cross platform Display Manager will use many of these dependencies like options.c, query.c, rect.c, scale.c, axes.c, etc and will add more according to new features to be implemented. If I get selected( by God's will). I will dig more deeply into code and start working for it. And If In case I am not selected, I will continue my contribution to BrlCad.

June 3 - June 9: ( Use Qt classes) Create a new file dm-qt.c and run exiting code to that file. Modify that code to Qt to test its Qt's working. I will start implementing desired code using Qt classes. Will use existing features to implement in Qt and add more features there.

June 10 - June 22: ( Qt running with Tk window- MGED) I will create an option in Mged window, like Modes > Display Manager > (Qt Display manger) Code of Mged is in src/mged/. Here its GUI will remain as it is ( in Tk ), but Tk will use this cross platform Display manager( made using Qt framework)

June 22 - July 10: (Input from mouse/keyboard - MGED) I will use Qt classes QMouseEvent and QKeyEvent to take input from MGED. Integrate Qt and Tk to take input from Tk window(Mged)

July 11 - July 15: ( Qt running with Tk window- Archer) Similarly I will add option to Archer (code in src/archer/).

July 15 - August 2: (Input from mouse/keyboard - Archer) I will use Qt classes QMouseEvent and QKeyEvent to take input from Archer. And mid term evaluation of my work.

August 2 - August 12: ( Examine the code by performing Different Operations ) I will perform different operation to check its working. Operation like drawing point, text, line or mouse/ keyboard input, drag-drop functionality etc, will be tested. I am using Linux (Ubuntu), so I will first test all operations on Ubuntu. I will keep log of every thing with me to include its information in documentation.

August 12 - September 1: (Testing and improvement) By loading any database (.g) file into new display manager. Testing will done on different platforms.

September 1 - September 22: (Documentation) I will start writing developers documentation. I will deliver my project with a good developers documentation so that if some wants to involve in it, then he/she can easily get involved.

Sept. 23 - Sept. 27: ( Final evaluation and Submit code to Google) Final review of code. After solving issues or bugs, I will finally upload my project to Google-melange's site.

Future work: Maintainability of its code. Future scope: Cross platform display manager with more features and good functionality. This Display manager will work with both Tk Windows (MGED/Archer)

Time Availability: I will be available 40 hours / week. If needed, can spend more. No restriction of time.

Why BRL-CAD? Working with 3D-CAD would really provide a good experience. This will helpful in understanding Computer Graphics more practically. BRL-CAD is an old CAD sotware. Therefore, it is developing from many years by great develops. It follows computational graphics well. I am an Active contributor in LibreCAD, but unfortunately LibreCAD is not in GSoC this year. Finding this organisation on the organisation list, inspires me to start contribution to this organisation too.

Why me? Programming is my passion. It would be great, if I could get such responsible work. This work is of my interest. I know all its workflow. It would undoubtedly improve my programming skills. I will take it as my responsibility to finish this project on a positive node. I am very excited to take this project. I have already been working with CAD programs, I have also improved LibreCAD code. I know how the display manager works and I feel I am the right candidate for this project. Founding my interest in this project, rather than waiting for this event to start, I already started working on it.

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