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Project Title : Implementation of a heart primitive.

Name: Isaac Kamga.

IRC Name (Handle): Izak


Phone : +237 74 10 62 97


This page will contain logs of the work I will be doing during and after the summer of code period.

From June 3rd to June 7th

  • Compiled and ran BRL-CAD from source (in 26 minutes) as well as used mged command interface.
  • Studying /src/librt/primitives/*/*.
  • Revising red-black trees in "Introduction to algorithms",third edition book by Cormen.

From June 10th to June 14th

  • Fixing rb_delete.c to effectively delete nodes.

From June 17th to June 21

June 17

  • Finished working on rb_delete.c .

June 18

  • Edited raytrace.h by defining ID_HRT 43 ,incrementing ID_MAXIMUM and ID_MAX_SOLID to 44 as shown in this patch .
  • Added the DB5_MINORTYPE_BRLCAD_HRT 42 define to db5.h as shown here .

June 19

  • Hoped to do this today
  Need to look at the "Metaball" paper on using the blobby method .
  Read volume rendering by Drebin et al .
  Edit magic.h and rtgeom.h to include the heart primitive .
  • However, took ill ( of malaria ) so undergoing treatment .

June 20

  • Ill of malaria so undergoing treatment .

June 21

  • Ill of malaria so undergoing treatment .
  • Uploaded some patches here.

June 22

  • Recovering from brief illness....
  • Updated GSoC 2013 Accepted projects page on the wiki .

From June 24th to June 28th

June 24

  • Re-read the Patch submission guidelines in the HACKING file .
  • Read the research paper, Volumetric shape description using the blobby model, which was used to implement the metaball primitive (by the second method).Since the above method is used with two sphere primitives to create a metaball , I am considering using this same method alongside two spheres (for the heart lobes ) and an elliptical parabola (for the lower portion of the heart ).