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* A picture for the rt_hrt_export5 test on archer interface can be viewed [http://brlcad.org/~Izak/Export_test.png here].
* A picture for the rt_hrt_export5 test on archer interface can be viewed [http://brlcad.org/~Izak/Export_test.png here].
August 8
* Have been granted commit access. :)
* Learned how to use svn commit, svn revert, etc.
* Ensured consistent bu_log("rt_hrt_xxx: not implemented yet!\n"); in calllbacks functions for hrt.c and committed to [http://sourceforge.net/p/brlcad/code/56694/ r56694].
=August 12th to August 17th=
August 12th
* Added hrt_invsq vector and hrt_invRSSR matrix to the heart structure in [https://sourceforge.net/p/brlcad/code/56745/ r56745].
* Added rt_hrt_print() routine and removed rt_hrt_??port4() routines pertaining to version 4 of database in [https://sourceforge.net/p/brlcad/code/56746/ r56745].
* Added rt_hrt_import5() routine to import the database format to the internal format in [https://sourceforge.net/p/brlcad/code/56747/ r56747].
* Added rt_hrt_export5() routine to export from internal format to database format in [https://sourceforge.net/p/brlcad/code/56751/ r56751]
August 13th
* Went to the Cameroon GCE Board office to apply for duplicate certificate for my younger sister.
* Wrote rt_hrt_describe() routine to present the heart solid in human-readable format and committed changes to [http://sourceforge.net/p/brlcad/code/56791/ r56791].
* Pictures to demonstrate the working rt_hrt_describe() function using the l command in the mged and archer interfaces can be viewed [http://brlcad.org/~Izak/rt_hrt_describe_mged.png here] and [http://brlcad.org/~Izak/rt_hrt_describe_archer.png here] respectively.
August 14th
* Working on rt_hrt_prep() routine but electric blackouts in my area halted work.
August 15th
* Compiled hrt.c after writing rt_hrt_prep(). This routine calls rt_hrt_bbox() routine  (which I am still to work on ) and some testing using the rt command. Will commit [http://paste.kde.org/p20fbe4c6/ rt_hrt_prep()] later.
* Worked on rt_hrt_ifree() to free the storage associated with the rt_db_internal version of this solid and commited to [https://sourceforge.net/p/brlcad/code/56876/ r56876].
August 16th
* Working on rt_hrt_bbox() routine which needs some testing before I commit.
August 17th
* Finished working on rt_hrt_bbox() routine today. Used the bb command to test this code in the [http://brlcad.org/~Izak/rt_hrt_bbox_mged_test.png mged] and [http://brlcad.org/~Izak/rt_hrt_bbox_archer_test.png archer].
* Committed changes in rt_hrt_bbox() and rt_hrt_prep() routines to [http://sourceforge.net/p/brlcad/code/56917/ r56917].Will do more work on rt_hrt_prep() function eventually.
=August 19th to August 24th=
August 19th
* Corrected spelling of polynomial in bn_poly_synthetic_div.c in [http://sourceforge.net/p/brlcad/code/56944 r56944].
* Wrote the rt_hrt_free() and rt_hrt_params() functions in [http://sourceforge.net/p/brlcad/code/56947/ r56947].
* Still working on rt_hrt_prep().
August 20th
* Modified rt_hrt_prep() function and commited it to [https://sourceforge.net/p/brlcad/code/57004/ r57004].
August 21st
* Working on rt_hrt_shot(). Still to commit.
* Modified comment to add new constant in rt_hrt_prep() in [http://sourceforge.net/p/brlcad/code/57023/ r57023] and [http://sourceforge.net/p/brlcad/code/57035/ r57035].
August 22nd
* Modifying a comment by punctuating the word primitive in super ellipsoid primitive and commited to [http://sourceforge.net/p/brlcad/code/57058/ r57058].
* Understanding how to write the rt_???_shot() function for primitives.
* Adding rt_hrt_shot to intersect a ray with the heart in [http://sourceforge.net/p/brlcad/code/57068/ r57068].
* Tests in the mged using the 'rt' command givers this [http://brlcad.org/~Izak/rt_shot_test.png result].
August 23rd
* Removed unused variable polycurve and fixed function declarations in pc header
and committed to [http://sourceforge.net/p/brlcad/code/57097/ r57097].
* Added rt_hrt_norm() function which Computes the normal to the heart given a point on the heart in [http://sourceforge.net/p/brlcad/code/57100/ r57100].
=August 26th to August 31st=
August 26th
* Experiencing an infection in my left eye so could not work throughout the weekend until today.Couldn't work with one eye.
August 27th
* Researching on solving sextic equations. Found an interesting paper by Titus Piezas III.
* Correcting sextic equation in comment preceeding rt_hrt_shot() implementation in [http://sourceforge.net/p/brlcad/code/57180/ r57180].
August 28th
* Reading papers by Piezas and Thomas Hagerdon to come out with algorithm to write bn_poly_sextic_roots.c.
August 29th - 30th
* Consulting mathematician Titius Piezas for advice on how to solve the sextic equation for rt_hrt_shot() to do ray tracing. Piezas says the equation is solvable using numerical solutions with arbitrary accuracy but is not solvable with respect to radicals in Galois theory.
August 31st
* Researching on root-finding algorithms which can be used to write bn_poly_sextic_roots.c
* Working on rt_hrt_plot to plot the heart.
=September 2nd to September 7th=
September 5th
* Working on roots_example.c to incorporate test for sextic equation.
September 6th
* Changed 4 to BN_MAX_POLY_DEGREE in roots_example.c to avoid any further confusions in [http://sourceforge.net/p/brlcad/code/57469 r57469]. roots_example.c actually solves a sextic equation now.
* Solved the implicit heart equation with x=y=z in order to substitute into the rt_hrt_shot sextic equation and use in roots_example.c
* Running rt command on a hrt object. Picture can be viewed [http://brlcad.org/~Izak/heart.png here].
September 7th
* Produced a [http://brlcad.org/~Izak/Movie.odp slideshow] from images produced after running the 'rt' command on a heart object.
=September 9th to September 14th=
September 9th
* Getting my feet wet with plotting in the mged/archer interface :)
September 10th
* Fixed the orientation of the heart and invalid implicit equation in rt_hrt_shot() in [http://sourceforge.net/p/brlcad/code/57533/ r57533].
* Getting better results from rt_hrt_shot in this [http://brlcad.org/~Izak/Heart.mpg Heart movie].
* Observing the rt_ell_plot() functions to see how the rt_hrt_plot() can be written.
September 14th
* Corrected rt_hrt_bbox() by Stretching the xdir vector to accommodate the heart and rt_hrt_norm() by Correcting Z component of the normal vector (partials of sextic equation) in [http://sourceforge.net/p/brlcad/code/57653/ r57553].
=September 16th to September 21st=
September 16th
* Had an entretien with my University's  Vice- Chancellor and dean of Faculty of Engineering today talking about Summer of Code and approaching Doc Camp .
* Wrote a private helper function rt_hrt_24pts() for rt_hrt_plot(). Have written code to get 2 iso-contours. Still working on some bugs in archer.
September 17th
* Following the stack trace which Sean opened my eyes to on IRC.
September 18th
* Fixed the bumpy areas on the heart by correcting some code in rt_hrt_norm() in [http://sourceforge.net/p/brlcad/code/57728/ r57728].
September 20th
* Corrected the rt_hrt_norm() function so that the default trace shouldn't be doing from high specular to dark shadows in [http://sourceforge.net/p/brlcad/code/57780/ r57780].
=GSoC 2013 summary=
For the past quarter, I've been implementing a heart primitive for the BRL-CAD package. This project focused on writing and testing callback functions in the ray tracing library for the aforementioned primitive.You are invited to read my diary on http://brlcad.org/wiki/User:Izak/GSOC_2013_logs.
Despite the challenges I encountered such as the lack of Internet connectivity for over 5 weeks before the mid-term evaluation period, I hooked the heart primitive into the BRL-CAD source by adding a magic number for the heart in include/magic.h and src/libbu/magic.c, stubbing an empty heart in include/db5.h, include/rtgeom.h, include/raytrace.h,src/librt/db5_types.c,src/librt/primitives/table.c and src/librt/primitives/hrt/hrt.c as well as adding typing support for the heart in the mged interface in include/wdb.h,src/libwdb/wdb.c and src/libged/typein.c.
After the mid-term evaluations,I implemented ray tracing callback functions for serialization (rt_hrt_??port), textual description (rt_hrt_describe, rt_hrt_print) and ray tracing (rt_hrt_prep, rt_hrt_shot and rt_hrt_norm).I also wrote a test to ensure that BRL-CAD's root solver is stable for sextic equations and after consulting some mathematicians, I learned that the heart's sextic equation cannot be solved in radicals -- A pointer to which method does not work :). Feel free to download a heart animation from http://brlcad.org/~Izak/HeartImages/Heart.mpg. You can also look at images of the heart from 360 different angles using http://brlcad.org/~Izak/HeartImages/
As GSoC 2013 comes to an end, my passion to continuously contribute to the open source community grows. I intend to finish the callbacks functions for the heart primitive and hook the heart to the mged and archer interfaces so the heart gets into the next BRL-CAD release :)
Feeling Great! :)

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