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Development Logs

Community Bonding Period

  • Explored various options regarding nodejs and non-node frameworks.
  • Learnt basics of development with meteor, using templating engines etc.
  • Also looked into alternative framework Expressjs.
  • Discussed with mentors about the choice of framework.
  • Packaged three.js for meteor.
  • Ran a simple OBJLoader example in meteor.

Development Period

Week 1

19th May

  • Worked on Authentication Module in meteor
  • Wrote LogIn, Registeration, Forgot Password and Reset password form templates.

20th May

  • Completed the views and helpers for the templates and Added validations to the forms
  • Modified the directory structure and read Hacking file again and made edits to my code accordingly.
  • Pushed the code to github Forgot-password form is now able to send the mails but stuck at an error regarding Reset-Password template.

21st May

22nd May

  • Worked on File Upload module, tried various file upload packages.
  • At last settled for packaged named formidable from npm.

23rd May

  • Having done the first milestone, today I explored other frameworks and read more about the technologies involved. Did some work in expressJS.

24th May

  • Uptil now, I was dealing with file uploader in a separate app, today I ported file uploader to OGV.
  • Now we can upload files in OGV, currently any files can be uploaded but will soon change that so that it only accepts .g files.

Milestone Set

  • Authentication

Milestones Completed

  • Authentication
  • Got three.js working with meteor
  • File uploader partially completed

Things yet to do

  • Improve UI
  • Add routers

Week 2

26th May

  • The ported file uploader started facing errors, mostly regarding styles. I was unable to apply global bootstrap. I couldn't work much due to some power issues at my home.

27th May

  • Today, I improved my earlier file-uploader by removing the dependency from formidable and directly use the 'fs' package.
  • As I have time, I am still giving Collection-FS a try, so that I don't miss out on anything useful.

28th May

  • Read about meteor collections, started working on file manager.

29th May

  • I was unable to work, due to some urgent work at home. Will make up for it by working more in coming time.

30th May

  • Completed the new file uploader (except validations), and added it into main code. Looking into rendering part and routers.

31st May

  • Added Basic router file.
  • Each user will now have it's own folder and uploaded files go there.
  • Added more comments in the code.
  • Implemented the file extension check, now only .obj files can be uploaded (will restrict that to .g files when I deal with g-obj conversion)
  • A bit stuck on how to pass errors from server to client via meteor.

Milestones Set:

  • File Uploader

Milestones Completed:

  • File Uploader


This week I have my final exam on 3rd June and 5th June, So will be busy a bit there.

4th June

  • Routers integrated, now we have different URLs for log-in, sign-up etc.

6th June

  • Solved the problem regarding file uploader errors.
  • Worked on adding OBJLoader in OGV.

7th June

  • added minimal file manager
  • added models collection, now each user has list of models in database
  • created the universal header as I showed in mockup
  • Unable to send verification email at sign-up.
  • added lovemeter to each model (dummy yet).

8th June

  • File Manager completed
  • Styling of existing components
  • Verification email works fine
  • uploaded to
  • more improvements

Milestone Set:

  • File Manager

Work Done:

  • File Manager
  • UI
  • Routing

Week 4

9th June

  • Solved some deployment problems with
  • Forgot Password form stopped working, so corrected it.
  • Added preloader

11th June

  • Tried to deploy on my own server (facing problems)
  • moved from meteor-router to iron-router

12th June

  • Corrected some iron-router problems
  • Struggling to get OBJLoader working with meteor

13th June

  • Tried a lot to get files from private folder to load, but failed.
  • Put a mail in meteor mailing list about it.

14th June

  • Added model Viewer, and got it working with OBJLoader. Now we can see the 3d OBJ models rendered in OGV.

15th June

  • Improved the way model Viewer looks.

Week 5

16th June

  • Improved the menu bar (small fix)

17th June

  • Today I was back to hacking file, and added more comments documentation and cleaned my code.
  • Added keyboard controls to the model viewer

18th June

  • Keyboard controls were not behaving correctly, improved them.
  • Added canvas render support so that it can work even where webgl is not working
  • Started searching about running system commands with meteor

19th June

  • Tested the whole app again, and removed few bugs

20th June

  • Started working on g-obj conversion
  • Re-installed latest brl-cad
  • Added lovemeter to models (similar to '+1' or 'like')

21st June

  • Added Minimal g-obj conversion function.

Week 6

23rd June, 24th June

  • Tried Deployment first on the college server, and then on personal digital ocean droplet. I was able to deploy on digital ocean droplet but still faced some issues with uploader, so then deployed using meteor development server where it worked but with glitches. Will work on these issues soon.

25th June

  • Faced problems with previous file uploader, started using collectionFS.

26th June

27th June

  • Was unable to work because of some urgent work at home.

28th June

  • Completed working on collectionFS.
  • Worked on file extension check.

Week 7

30th June, 1 July, 2 July, 3rd July Did not work much.

4th July

  • Extension check completed
  • Working on better way to show errors

5th July

  • Tried to understand g-obj conversion
  • Started writing a separate server method for converting file

6th July

  • Need to store files in a separate directory after g-obj conversion. Able to store them, but trying to figure out a way to get a public url of them to view.

Week 8

7th July

  • Can store files in a separate directory, but could not find a way to get it's public URL. Till now, I have been working on converting all uploaded g-files at once, also tried to get it working for file whenever it's uploaded.

8th July

  • Changed the logic of storing .obj files and the .g file in different directory, instead will add a meta information on each obj file that will contain info about which database it belongs.
  • Stuck on an error while getting path of the uploaded .g file, won't be able to convert until I get the path.

9th July

  • Instead of converting files on upload, I will instead now convert files while viewing. This solved the error I was previously facing in converting files. Now g-obj conversion is working.

10th July Tried to get the converted files in CollectionFS but could not find a way to do it.