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Development Logs

Community Bonding Period

  • Explored various options regarding nodejs and non-node frameworks.
  • Learnt basics of development with meteor, using templating engines etc.
  • Also looked into alternative framework Expressjs.
  • Discussed with mentors about the choice of framework.
  • Packaged three.js for meteor.
  • Ran a simple OBJLoader example in meteor.

Development Period

Week 1

19th May Worked on Authentication Module in meteor, wrote LogIn, Registeration, Forgot Password and Reset password form templates.

20th May Completed the views and helpers for the templates and Added validations to the forms, modified the directory structure and read Hacking file again and made edits to my code accordingly. Pushed the code to github Forgot-password form is now able to send the mails but stuck at an error regarding Reset-Password template.

21st May Reset-Password error solved, Authentication is complete now, Started looking into file upload. Tried a package called dropzone.js. Published my three.js package

22nd May Worked on File Upload module, tried various file upload packages. At last settled for packaged named formidable from npm.

23rd May Having done the first milestone, today I explored other frameworks and read more about the technologies involved. Did some work in expressJS.

24th May Uptil now, I was dealing with file uploader in a separate app, today I ported file uploader to OGV. Now we can upload files in OGV, currently any files can be uploaded but will soon change that so that it only accepts .g files.