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* Improved the styles of comments and lovemeter
* Improved the styles of comments and lovemeter
* Worked on admin settings, added collections and fixtures for it, changed the code to get settings from database (earlier they were hard coded).
* Worked on admin settings, added collections and fixtures for it, changed the code to get settings from database (earlier they were hard coded).
'''''7th August
* Improved the structure of database regarding profile picture and model's owner. Actually earlier I used to add full user object to model's owner field but that became problem when user object was updated through some other way (for ex:- changing profile pic)
* Now user can change admin settings from the website.
'''''8th August
Had to go out of town, so could not work.
'''''9th August
* Improved and added a new Error/Notification mechanism.
'''''10th August
* Read about deployment procedure (on various platforms) and also re-read about coding standards and documentation.
* Gave a seminar to college juniors about OGV and BRL-CAD. They got really excited to be working in OGV.
=== Week 13 ===
'''''11th August
* Added embed code generator
* Made the icons in model viewer working
* Started working on documentation
'''''12th August
* I am stuck on how to show comments on model_viewer page , the technical part is done, I am able to retrieve comments but I am stuck on the UI part, like where to gracefully put them so that it plays well with the model viewer.
* Enabled extension and file type check on profile pic uploads and thumbnail image uploads.
'''''13th August
* Completed the comments part.
* Started wrapping up the code.
''''' 14th August
* Started working on developer documentation and improving the code.
''''' 15th August
* Worked on User documentation and Developer documentation, read Hacking file again.
''''' 16th August
* Improved security of some models.
* Completed Developer documentation and wrapped up the code. Latest and complete code is on github now.
* Started working on pagination (to improve page load time).

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