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'''''12th July
'''''12th July
* I got a solution in meteor mailing list, which is about using transformWrite handler and creating a new FS.File object for each OBJ file. I have been able to get transformWrite handler working but facing some problems with creating new FS.File object.
* I got a solution in meteor mailing list, which is about using transformWrite handler and creating a new FS.File object for each OBJ file. I have been able to get transformWrite handler working but facing some problems with creating new FS.File object.
'''''13th July
* Whenever I created new FS.File object, I got this weird error about meteor fibers. So I learnt more about how "non-blocking" code works and what are meteor fibers but still I could not make it work.
* I posted my problem as issue on CollectionFS github. There, I got another logic to work on. Now instead of transform write I was to work on "stored" listener. https://github.com/CollectionFS/Meteor-CollectionFS/issues/362
===WEEK 9===
'''''14th July
* Worked on stored listener, but could not get it to work.
* Asked again on CollectionFS issues, could not get the new "stored" logic to work but was able to solve the error I got in transform write handler.
'''''15th July
* Added multiple obj loader to the model_viewer.
* Tested new obj loader with various heavy .g files.
'''''16th July
* Improved the conversion, and removed some bugs.
* Tweaked model_viewer to show some big files.
* Tested with various large .g files.
'''''18th July
* More testing, laptop hangs at big files.
* Worked a bit on drag and drop uploader
'''''19th July
* Added server side converting progress
'''''20th July
* Corrected and update the repository.
=== Week 10 ===
'''''21st July
* Added drag and drop functionality to the uploader.
* Working on user dashboard
* Improved File manager to show only files that have been converted
'''''22nd July
* Added User roles to the authentication for having admin and normal users.
* Made one default admin user and one default normal user.
'''''23rd July
* Added User Dashboard and admin templates
* Added config.js, a file that store configuration variables
'''''24th July
* Sign up form stopped working, solved that problem.
* Added log-in/log-out buttons in the header
* Started working on concept of models feed, a list of uploaded models with description and option to like, comment and share. Kind of like timeline on facebook.
'''''25th July
* Worked on design of model feed.
'''''26th July
* Wrote model feed template and views.
* Working on model feed, a bug was introduced in file manager, which I solved.
'''''27th July
* Improved dashboard template with extra fields.
=== Week 11 ===
'''''28th July
* Started working on comments section, designed it, wrote it's template and views and hence added it's collection.
'''''29th July
* Comments section completed.
* Improved some dirty code.
'''''30th July
* Started working on 'love' button (analogous to like on facebook)
* Wrote templates, views and made love button working.
* Removed a bug from model viewer. Actually model viewer stopped working when we refreshed it. Dig into the problem and solved it.
'''''31st July
* Improved menu bar, added buttons for file manager, dashboard etc.
* Worked on generating embed code for model.
'''''1st August
*Took a break today, din't work much. Did add some icons to model viewer though.
'''''2nd August
* I deployed OGV at
* Improved routing, preloader a number of small fixes and improvements.
'''''3rd August
* Added images to file manager
* Improved model thumbnail image view template
* Improved model viewer
* Set 70% as acceptable conversion rate.
=== Week 12 ===
'''''4th August
* Took a break for a day.
'''''5th August
* Worked on user dashboard, now users can change their name and write a brief description about themselves (will be used in profile pages).
* Working on adding profile picture, a bit stuck on how to store profile picture in database, so that I can easily grab a url and if there's no pic uplaoded yet a default pic can be seen.
'''''6th August
* Able to add profile picture to user through user settings, also added them in model feed.
* Improved the styles of comments and lovemeter
* Worked on admin settings, added collections and fixtures for it, changed the code to get settings from database (earlier they were hard coded).
'''''7th August
* Improved the structure of database regarding profile picture and model's owner. Actually earlier I used to add full user object to model's owner field but that became problem when user object was updated through some other way (for ex:- changing profile pic)
* Now user can change admin settings from the website.
'''''8th August
Had to go out of town, so could not work.
'''''9th August
* Improved and added a new Error/Notification mechanism.
'''''10th August
* Read about deployment procedure (on various platforms) and also re-read about coding standards and documentation.
* Gave a seminar to college juniors about OGV and BRL-CAD. They got really excited to be working in OGV.
=== Week 13 ===
'''''11th August
* Added embed code generator
* Made the icons in model viewer working
* Started working on documentation
'''''12th August
* I am stuck on how to show comments on model_viewer page , the technical part is done, I am able to retrieve comments but I am stuck on the UI part, like where to gracefully put them so that it plays well with the model viewer.
* Enabled extension and file type check on profile pic uploads and thumbnail image uploads.
'''''13th August
* Completed the comments part.
* Started wrapping up the code.
''''' 14th August
* Started working on developer documentation and improving the code.
''''' 15th August
* Worked on User documentation and Developer documentation, read Hacking file again.
''''' 16th August
* Improved security of some models.
* Completed Developer documentation and wrapped up the code. Latest and complete code is on github now.
* Started working on pagination (to improve page load time).

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