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<li> Improving the back end of plugin and also improve the editor interface </li>
<li> Improving the back end of plugin and also improve the editor interface </li>
<h2>13 week : day 2</h2>
<li> Setup my project on brlcad server. </li>

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Community Bonding Period work

  • I have done the conversion of doc
  • Made the extension for mediawiki to merge the docs
  • Working on Confluence and try to edit its functionality

Coding Period

Week 1:Day 1

I have done the work following report on Confluence docbook importer. I submit to BRLCAD to review this. And tell me my next Step In coding

Week 1:Day 2

Searching the other tools for my project and working on pandoc.

Week 1:Day 3

Understand the working of html2wiki script and write down all advantages and disadvantages. Understand the working of html importer plugin for wordpress.

Week 1:Day 4

Check the working of all tools again evaluate the all pros and cons of tools and make the final report on the all tools. Submitted the report for review so then we do further decision.

Week 1:Day 5

Customize the Tinymce editor and provide the feature to edit the xml file online. Made one script to convert xml tags into html tags so user easy to edit the document.I am waiting Mr.Sean reply Then I start my work in actual manner.

Week 1:Day 6

Improve the own docbook conversion script. And found the solution to check the online validation of xml document using xmllint.

Week 1:Day 7

Working on all tools, try to use in different ways. Waiting for sean response. I am try to edit the CMakeLists.txt file online. Because I thought if user add new media content in document then CMakeLists.txt is automatically update without manual needs.

Week 2:Day 1

I am working on 1-6 option which sean told me.

Week 2:Day 2

Working on wordpress xsl stylesheet but stuck in one error.

Week 2:Day 3

Done the work of wordpress xsl stylesheet and try to merge with building system of BRL-CAD

Week 2:Day 4

Facing some error when i try to add the new stylesheet in building system of brlcad.

Week 2:Day 5

Complete the first milestone successfully add the WordPress stylesheet in brl-cad building system.

Week 2:Day 6

Improve the wordpress xsl stylesheet and submit as patch. Working on table of content page.

Week 2:Day 7

Working on merge the content with website. Working on script to merge the all php files with website. Working on search part.

Week 3:Day 1

I have complete the next milestones search, merge, toc. My work is under review.

Week 3:Day 2

  • Add the edit button in xsl stylesheet for wordpress pages to edit the document.
  • Improve the control panel for Xml Files
  • Remove the all static code in editing logic.
  • Provide the solution for many person edit the doc at a time.

Week 3:Day 3

  • Remove the error of broken links in images.
  • Improve the working of edit option.
  • Add patch system in review option to apply the changes

Week 3:Day 4

  • Done work on without the login edit
  • Update the file handling code

Week 3:Day 5

  • Add option for edit to user and admin after login
  • Improve the design of control panel

Week 3:Day 6

  • Remove the un wanted changes by filter
  • Improve the preview option for document
  • Improve the style of review page.
  • Submit the patch on path problem.

Week 3:Day 7

  • Done the editing part for single user
  • Finding the solution for collaboration editing.

4 week:day 1

  • Working on node.js and share js for collaboration editing

4 week:day 2

  • Working on share js

4 week:day 3

  • Working on Firepad editior

4 week:day 4

  • Done the editing work with firepad editor.

4 week:day 5

  • updates the patches. submit the patches.

4 week:day 6

  • Update the menu style and develop the new menu in php.
  • Add the search in admin section

4 week:day 7

  • Improve the code of plugin
  • Add the new pages and functions in theme.

5 week:day 1

  • Add the paging in larger content
  • Working on svn commands

5 week:day 2

Learning how to use svn for commit and how to established repository on source forge.

5 week:day 3

Done the shell script work.

5 week:day 4

Update the script for cron job and I am learn how to set cron job on ubuntu.

5 week:day 5

Made the some changes in code and remove some error. Start the working on menu again.

5 week:day 6

Working on main menu and facing some problem. Feel more confused now.

5 week:day 7

Implement the menu for articles and apply the jquery on menu for accordion and "tree" structure.

6 week:day 1

  • Improving the interface
  • Improve the main menu for website

6 week:day 2

Successfully create the tree style menu for website

6 week: day 3

  • autogenerate menu from BRL-CAD output (no static list of files.) Task is properly done
  • "accordian" menu on left side of page listing categories of documentation (autogenerated) task is properly Done.
  • Interface work is done with tree menu.

6 week: day 4

  • Update my code
  • Put the cron job on server
  • Update script
  • Update github code

6 week: day 5

Mid Term

6 week: day 6

Develop the interface for new document

6 week: day 7

Develop the interface for All new document handling

7 week: day 1

  • Set rename option for user
  • Set delete option for user
  • Set submit document for review option for user
  • Set invite user option for user

7 week: day 2

  • Update main menu again

7 week: day 3

  • Create control panel for admin to review new document
  • Provide preview option to admin
  • provide the delete option to admin
  • provide the accept option to admin

7 week: day 4

  • Update the editor interface
  • Add tree structure menu in editor

7 week: day 5

  • Successfully set the remainder in menu.

7 week: day 6

  • Successfully create the cmake update interface for admin
  • Successfully Add the new document in brlcad

7 week: day 7

  • update the menu remove the languages
  • provide the shadow in levels of menu
  • Added the google translator in pages

8 week: day 1

  • update the menu
  • Add the google translator

8 week: day 2

  • Add the new brlcad language option in menu
  • Add the google translator flags
  • Add Reject option in document
  • Add the email option to reply the user for his rejection document

8 week: day 3

My laptop on repair so I am not do any work.

8 week: day 4

  • Update the language name with flag
  • Change the position of edit button
  • Update the images in document

8 week: day 5

  • solved this problem:- The right subnav goes away on my mobile, so there is no way to navigate to a different documentation section if I want to
  • solved this problem:-The subnav should be sticky. If I am reading a long documentation page, I shouldn't have go back to the top of the page to move to a different documentation page.
  • solved this problem:-The word 'BRL-CAD Main Menu' is a bit confusing to me if all it does is encapsulate the search bar.
  • solved this problem:- [Minor] The font-size of documentation is a little big, 14px should be ideal for readability.
  • solved this problem:-I suggest putting search and navigation on the left, but keeping languages, editing options, and other options specific to the document being viewed on the right.
  • solved this problem:-changing the title to “Search Documents”
  • solved this problem:- Some pages, the images are not displaying at the right scale, for example
  • solved this problem:-Move the edit button out of the content pane closer with the language options.

8 week: day 6

  • Working on menu
  • Add the delete button in list view for delete the file.

8 week: day 7

  • Solve the menu problem

9 week: day 1

I Have done all work regarding menu expecting indication

9 week: day 2

I have done indication work in menu.

9 week day 3

I have done these work

  • there are several duplicates in the Additional Languages list including Spanish and Spainish (twice)
  • selecting any of the Additional Languages does not seem to work for me, clicking the language name doesn’t appear to be doing anything
  • BRLCAD MAIN MENU” link is redundant with the top menu bar, suggest removing
  • search and the hierarchy menu should be on the left, keeping the doc-specific options on the right • the horizontal menu padding is using too much space, suggest removing • "Additional Languages” should be a link that displays the languages, not just the small arrow
  • • the flags do not line up for the manual translation list and the additional languages list
  • • the “Change Language” label is unnecessary, implied with the language links
  • • selecting any of the top-level options (e.g., Lessons or Articles) displays the first document in that section • this is unexpected behavior • suggest requiring that a top-level category have a content menu be defined in the source repo or just display the submenu as the content if one does not exist.
  • • as the main page content extends underneath the menu bar, selecting article links ends up displaying content under the menu • e.g., CAD_Tutorial_Series-VolumeII.php#Lesson-8
  • • displaying a presentation would benefit greatly from a different stylesheet customized for presentations • e.g.,
  • • searching doesn’t work, only returns "Your Searched Documents are:-“

9 week : day 4

  • Update the changes regarding layout

9 week: day 5

  • Create the new stylesheet for presentation

9 week : day 6

  • Update the work of language translator and also update the presentation

9 week : day 7

  • Update the language work
  • Update the stylesheet work
  • Add the google custom search
  • Add the category indication in own search

9 week : day 7

  • Add the google custom search in docs

9 week : day 7

  • Update the stylesheet work and xml for presentation
  • Add the icon for ppt indication

10 week : day 1

  • Update the stylesheet work and xml for presentation

10 week : day 2

  • Put icons left side
  • Language name written in original Language
  • Hide /show now handled on loading time

10 week : day 3

  • Assign the style according to BRLCAD style
  • Add the title image in presentation intro
  • write up the article for intro which hold the basic overview about presentation
  • Removed the "intro" word from presentation filename
  • Removed the duplication in images

10 week : day 4

  • Update the plugin code and add the callback url
  • Update the presentation work again

10 week : day 5

  • Remove the extra space between languages and names
  • Improve the language
  • Improve the google search

10 week : day 6

  • Submits the patches
  • Complete the my last milestone

10 week : day 7

  • Update the patch and submit for review

11 week : day 1

  • Working on google search

11 week : day 2

  • update menu
  • update presentation layout

11 week : day 3

  • update menu and putting url tracking and also around 1px box of menu item
  • update the toc work and put the limit 2
  • Submit the new patch
  • Working on google custom search

11 week : day 4

  • update the toc work and put the limit 2
  • Working on google custom search

11 week : day 5

  • Working on menu

11 week : day 6

  • Working on menu
  • Complete the TOC

11 week : day 7

  • Working on menu
  • Working on CSE

12 week : day 1

  • Working on menu

12 week : day 2

  • Working on menu
  • Working on interface
  • submit the new patch

12 week : day 3

  • Complete the menu today
  • Complete the search work

12 week : day 4

  • Not doing much work suffering by back pain

12 week : day 5

  • done the work of menu
  • done the work of interface

12 week : day 6

  • provide the responsive ness to website

12 week : day 7

  • provide coding standards and documentations

13 week : day 1

  • Improving the back end of plugin and also improve the editor interface

13 week : day 2

  • Setup my project on brlcad server.