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* Rebuild BRL-CAD on my system  
* Rebuild BRL-CAD on my system  
* Working on patch
* Working on patch
= 18 June =
* Remove some errors
* Edit files to compile g-pov correctly

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Community Bonding Period work

  • Working on Glade and follow some tutorial to get my hand on it.
  • Understand some primitives and find a way to export them.

Coding Period

Week 1( Export Particle )

25 May

  • Understand particale and take reference from other converters

I understood how the coordinates of vertices of particale are stored. Now I'm working on exporting the vertices and then move on to export into povray format.

26 May

  • Pushed one commit to github.
  • Export coordinates of Particale successfully.

My ubuntu got crashed so I have to reinstall it. I am compiling BRL-CAD after that I am on track again.

27 May

  • Export particale but requires to fix errors.

Today I was busy in my exam. But in evening I got time to export particale.

28 May

  • Done exporting of Particale primitive.
  • Testing it with POV-Ray.

I am now working on linuxcnc. Starts from backslash task for it.

29 May

  • Working on linuxCNC. Search related to backslash.
  • Taking other softwares as refrence.

30 May

  • Fix some error in POV-Ray export.
  • Working on LinuxCNC, taking help from Youtube videos. Discuss with Morley

about backslash.

31 May

  • Just search about other possible primitives that are not in proposal.

Week 2( Export ell )

1 June

  • Found where the coordinates are stored.
  • Export those coordinates simply.
  • Working on other possible primitives( not in proposal ).

2 June

  • Compare and test the ellipse formed by BRL-CAD and POV-Ray.
  • Found some more primitives that I can export.

3 June

  • Export ellipse.
  • Working on rotation of ellipse.

4 June

  • Was Busy in traveling.
  • Just looked into some ways to rotate ellipse.

5 June

  • Export ell successfully

6 June

  • Start linuxcnc
  • Cloning and Compiling on my new system

7 June

  • Compile Linuxcnc successfully
  • Know how to use it.

Week 3( Export arb8 )

8 June

  • Start working with arb8
  • Export coordinates of arb8

9 June

  • Export arb8
  • Export tgc
  • Working on linuxcnc

10 June

  • Working on Linuxcnc Help pages.

11 June

  • Was at busy at my college.

12 June

  • Working on linuxcnc stepconf.

13 June

  • Working on help button.

14 June

  • Clean up g-pov code

15 June

  • Change some settings of Help button of Linuxcnc

16 June

  • Do code clean up
  • Submit my patch

17 June

  • Rebuild BRL-CAD on my system
  • Working on patch

18 June

  • Remove some errors
  • Edit files to compile g-pov correctly