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=== Project Details ===
<h1>Community Bonding Period work</h1>
<li>Working on Glade and follow some tutorial to get my hand on it.</li>
<li>Understand some primitives and find a way to export them.</li>
Name: Gurwinder Singh Bains
==Coding Period==
IRC Name: Gurwinder
=1st Week=
= 25 May =
e-mail: gswithbains@gmail.com
=== Community Bonding Period work ===
* Working on Glade and follow some tutorial to get my hand on it.
* Understand some primitives and find a way to export them.
* Start studying about POV-Ray macros.
=== Coding Period ===
=Week 1( Export [http://brlcad.org/tmp/primitives/part.png Part] )=
25 May  
* Understand particale and take reference from other converters
* Understand particale and take reference from other converters
I understood how the coordinates of vertices of particale are stored. Now I'm working on exporting the vertices and then move on to export into POV-Ray format.
I understood how the coordinates of vertices of particale are stored. Now I'm working on exporting the vertices and then move on to export into povray format.
26 May
* Pushed one commit to github.
* Export coordinates of Particale successfully.
My ubuntu got crashed so I have to reinstall it. I will be compiling BRL-CAD after that I am on track again.
27 May
* Export particale but requires to fix errors.
Today I was busy in my exam. But in evening I got time to export particale.
28 May
* Done exporting of Particale primitive.
* Testing it with POV-Ray.
I am now working on linuxcnc. Starts from backslash task for it.
29 May
* Working on linuxCNC. Search related to backslash.
* Taking other softwares as refrence.
30 May
* Fix some error in POV-Ray export.
* Working on LinuxCNC, taking help from Youtube videos. Discuss with Morley
about backslash.
31 May
* Just search about other possible primitives that are not in proposal.
= Part primitive in POV-Ray =
[http://postimg.org/image/u4w35ou03/ Here] is the screen shoot of how part looks after conversion in POV-Ray
= Week 2( Export [http://brlcad.org/tmp/primitives/ell.png ell] )=
1 June
* Found where the coordinates are stored.
* Export those coordinates simply.
* Working on other possible primitives( not in proposal ).
2 June
* Compare and test the ellipse formed by BRL-CAD and POV-Ray.
* Found some more primitives that I can export.
3 June
* Export ellipse.
* Working on rotation of ellipse.
4 June
* Was Busy in traveling.
* Just looked into some ways to rotate ellipse.
5 June
* Export ell successfully
6 June
* Start linuxcnc
* Cloning and Compiling on my new system
7 June
* Compile Linuxcnc successfully
* Know how to use it.
= Ell primitive in POV-Ray =
[http://postimg.org/image/ub9s8s34z/ Here] is the screen shoot of how ell looks after conversion in POV-Ray
= Week 3( Export [http://brlcad.org/tmp/primitives/arb8.png arb8] ) =
8 June
* Start working with arb8
* Export coordinates of arb8
9 June
* Export arb8
* Export tgc
* Working on linuxcnc
10 June
* Working on Linuxcnc Help pages.
11 June
* Was at busy at my college.
12 June
* Working on linuxcnc stepconf.
13 June
* Working on help button.
14 June
* Clean up g-pov code
= Arb8 primitive in POV-Ray =
[http://postimg.org/image/qhkxddb6r/ Here] is the screen shoot of how arb8 looks after conversion in POV-Ray
= Week 4( Export [http://brlcad.org/tmp/primitives/tgc.png tgc] )  =
15 June
* Clean up tgc code
* Remove error from exporting into POV-Ray
* Change some settings of Help button of Linuxcnc
16 June
* Do code clean up
* Submit my patch
17 June
* Rebuild BRL-CAD on my system
* Working on patch
18 June
* Remove some errors
* Edit files to compile g-pov correctly
19 June
* Was busy at college for some paper work
20 June
* Prepare for Patch
21 June
* Working on writing output into file
= Tgc primitive in POV-Ray =
[http://postimg.org/image/643fsu09v/ Here] is the screen shoot of how tgc looks after conversion in POV-Ray
= Week 5 =
22 June
* Writing the code according to coding standard
23 June
* Remove some errors and working on output file option.
24 June
* Setting file for commit
* Push code on Git repository successfully
25 June
* Do some tutorial on Glade
* Checking the help pages for stepconf
* Trying to solve segmentation error
26 June
* Communicate with my mentor of BRLCAD.
* Communicate with Linuxcnc member
= Pre-midterm Evaluation Summary =
I have started my GSOC with part primitive. Its easy for me to export coordinates of part. Then I export part into POV-Ray by using Round_Cone2 object. In next week it started exporting Ell. I found it difficult as I was not able to rotate ellipse but in last I export ell into POV-Ray by using spheroid object. In week third, I was working on arb8. Its harder for me to export. So I discussed it with POV-Ray community and finally I wrote a macro and I was able to export arb8 successfully. In 4th week, I export tgc successfully. In last week, I clean up code and submit POV-Ray converter as a [http://sourceforge.net/p/brlcad/patches/378/ patch]. I was also working on Linuxcnc in these pre-midterm days. I wrote stepconf help pages that will be used while user click on help button of stepconf of linuxcnc.
= Mid Term Evaluation Week =
27 June
* Do nothing
28 June
* Just search about python for linuxcnc
29 June
* Started python from youtube tutorials.
* Set Log of pre-mid term time period.
30 June
* Do first chapter: Intro of Python.
* Start following the [http://learnpythonthehardway.org/book/ book]
1 July
* Complete 10 Exercises of Book [http://learnpythonthehardway.org/book/index.html Learn Python by Hard Way].
* Start doing next exercise.
2 July - 3 July
* Done upto 17 exercises of [http://learnpythonthehardway.org/book/index.html Learn Python by Hard Way].
6 July
* Done 24 excercises of [http://learnpythonthehardway.org/book/index.html Learn Python by Hard Way].
7 July - 8 July
* Done upto 30 excersises and do some examples.
* Busy in admission work.
8 July - 9 July
* Do some excersises on python.
* Busy in admission paper completition.
13 July
* Completed basics of python.
* Done 43 excerssises on python
14 July
* Test Glade with python.
* Make my older changer in work
* Prepare for exam.
15 July
* Discuss on next work with my mentor
* Search about rhc and rpc
16 July
* Successfully export rhc coordinates
* Working on rhc to export it in POV-Ray
17 July
* Making a macro for rhc my using equations in POV-Ray
* Successfully export coordinates of rpc, epa, ehy
20 July
* Working on rhc and rpc export.
* Make half macro in working condition of elliptical torus.
21 July
* Elliptical torus is working.
* Working on its major and minor axis of its ellipse.
22 July - 23 July
* Busy at college, submit papers.
* Work on torus's minor and major axis.
* Working on rhc and rpc.
25 July - 27 July
* Communitcation with my mentor.
* Write down primitives on BRL-CAD wiki page brlcad.org/wiki/Povray.
28 July
* Export coordinates of Half.
* Export Half successfully.
* Working on pipe.
29 July - 31 July
* Working on PIPE primitive.
* Pipe is formed in povray but not with bend radius.
* Pipe is formed difference of cones.
3 Aug - 4 Aug
* Working on ARBN.
* Exported it successfully
5 Aug
* Working on EHY and EPA.
* Use quadratic equations of POV-Ray for it.
6 Aug
* Exported EPA and EHY successfully.
7 Aug - 10 Aug
* Successfully exported BOT.
* Working on RPC, RHC, extrud and sketch.
9 Aug - 12 Aug
* Feeling sick.
* RPC is working well, going to export.
13 Aug - 16 Aug
* Export RPC and RHC.
* Export data of Extrude.
* Test mear about half of primitives.
* Due to bad health not able to do much. Going to test all the remaining primitives.
17 Aug
* Soft Pencil Down
* Start performing test on different primitives.
18 Aug - 21 Aug
* Modify BoT primitives.
* Test BoT primitive and its working well.
* Conversation with Mentor on Documentation.
* Start documentation.
I have exported many other peimitives into POV-Ray. After mid term evaluation I discussed with my mentor about linuxCNC project. Due to lack of knowledge about linuxcnc machines and motivation we decided to move with POV-Ray export project. So I started exporting primitives into POV-Ray. I was feeling difficult to choose between primitive so I discussed it with my mentor. He gave me a list by which I was able to work in order. I have exported many primitives as listed below
RHC, RPC, EPA, EHY, ARBN, Half, ELL1, ELLg. One of these primitive is BoT which required some modification. I was in difficulty in exporting it but after spending time on it I was able to export it successfully and now its working correctly. I also exported HRT primitive in POV-Ray but its not similar to heart. But I'm very thankful to my mentor who gave me a chance to increase my skills and motivation to do work with proper methods as I never expected that I will able to export these given primitives in proposal opn time but thanks to mentor and God who motivate me to work and I was able to export more primitives along with those given in proposal.

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