Who I am

My name is Li Gangyi (English name: Gregory). I'm a master student from Dalian University of Technology, China, majoring in Software engineering.



IRC & Zulip Username: GregoryLi


  • I have strong skills in C/C++. since I have finished some projects with it, including my graduation project.
  • I have an extensive programming related background, such as graphics, mathematical modeling, embedded programming, Unity and AR/VR, Android and Java, automated test cases. I feel energetic while coding!
  • I have a quite solid mathematics background. Right now I'm working on optimization methods and computational conformal geometry.
  • I'm good at mesh algorithm of graphics, especially using computational conformal geometry to solve problems.

GSoC 2022 Project

This summer I am involved in the project of Test-Driven Development for BRL-CAD NURBS/Brep Boolean.

Click here to see my detailed project proposal

Click here to see my development log and reports