Annotations: Implement support for 2D annotations | Project Report

The project was divided into two parts:

  • Creating a new primitive for annotations
  • Rendering the primitives to the wireframe view
  • Support for the screen projection

Creating a new primitive for annotations

  • What was basically required was a container to hold things together

Rendering the primitive on screen

  • The next part was to add support for the visualization of the primitive
  • Input for the primitive also handled through the 'in' command in the patches mentioned below

Support for the 3D->2D projection

Example annot object created with the in command
  • Annotations always remain in the plane of the screen
  • Modifying the projection matrices for all the display managers was another task
  • Scaling the annotations was another issue
  • All of this was handled by the patches mentioned below

Here is the link to my Proposal The tasks mentioned in the proposal are completed, just the extension ideas need to be worked upon.

Project Extension

  • These are some of the tasks that I aim to work on in the near future:
    • Functionality to set up the annotation properties for the primitive( the annotate command)
    • Features related to the coordinate system like the annotation scaling
    • Algorithm to provide a bounding box for the text using the relative coordinates
    • Editor for the annotations just like the sketch primitive has