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Convert Bot to Pipe GSoC Project Proposal

Personal Information

Background Information

Name: Leger Foposse Nyah

IRC: leger


Brief Background Information:

I am a first year Post graduate student in Computer Science at the University of Yaounde I, Yaounde Cameroon. From my background in Computer Science at the undergraduate level. I worked on various Java SE/Java EE Projects, implemented a simulation program for an elevator in C/C++ which was used for diagnostic purposes. Also, I wrote a 2D game in C++ as part of my pet projects. I am excited to work this year with BRL-CAD since my cousin worked on this great software last year. I am willing to put in 40+ hours weekly to implement the converter for Bot to Pipe; together with my experience in Maths and Algorithms during my undergraduate years.

Programming Background

C/C++(Very Good):

  • Implemented an Elevator simulation program for diagnostic purposes.
  • Implemented a 2D Game(Pet project)

Java(Excellent) J2EE,SE :

  • Restaurant management system developed for our University(5000+ Lines)
  • Implemented a Binary Search Trees together with associated optimizations and graphical interface to simulate the nodes.( 4000+ lines)
* Implemented a Dental simulation program used for Dentists in our local hospitals. ( J2EE, 10000+ lines)

Project Information

Convert BOT to PIPE Project

This project seeks to convert the BOT surface primitive to pipe to facilitate the the conversion of the "Bag of triangles" solid to native BRL-CAD geometry.

Detailed Project Description

Brief Summary

BRL-CAD uses the “Bag o’ Triangles” (BoT) primitive object for representing triangle mesh objects. BoT primitives are used for importing component positions from other CAD softwares like Pro-E and Cadio. This designs imported during vulnerability analysis use intermediate formats like STL. This is imported to BRL-CAD through the pipe primitve. This project seeks to implement an accurate Bot to pipe converter which eliminates lags in models for line routing.


In aircraft design, component positions are constantly in flux leading to laggin in models of line routine. However, during vulnerability analysis component positions may miss the correct positions. So during import to BRL-CAD, overlapping issues have to be resolved guaranteeing precision and accuracy. This is done by using intermediate formats like STL.

Due to limitations in the STL format, BRL-CAD employs BoT primitive objects in the importation of design from other high end CAD softwares maintaining precision and correctness. With the BoT primitive, many object could be analysed per file for many files which is an option already supported by BRL-CAD. Also, BoT supports over 3 Bot mesh modes which is highly advantageous over single mode supported by STL.

Furthermore, with the numerous advantages of BoT over STL, like single and double precision, BoT solids have a fundamental problem of inefficient editing. This project seeks to implement the import of designs into BRL-CAD using the pipe primitive most likely from the intermediate STL format.

Detailed Description


Development Schedule

Time Availability


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