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Developer of horrible monstrosities.


  • writing a replacement for (post commits to irc chan), currently available at
  • maintaining FreeBSD ( port
  • code gardening
  • working on adrt/isst/tie stuff
  • developing cel shader
  • SSE experiments
  • SWIG export of core libraries
  • other things and stuff

Has done

  • port to FreeBSD5 (2003)
  • re-write build system to use automake/autoconf/libtool/etc (from "cake", 2003)
  • developed metaball primitive
  • developed marching cubes functionality for CSG to generate triangle meshes
  • mentored André for MLT ( impl. His web log is
  • wrote "save as any image" framework (src/libbu/image.c, later src/libicv) and began tool conversion to use it
  • wrote a basic obj-g converter
  • mentoring Andrei with libpkg stuff
  • GCI mentoring
  • other things and stuff.

You can check out what else he does at or