Development logs for GSoC 2015

Community Bonding Period

  • Scrutinizing meteor framework.
  • Getting to know more about workflow of OGV.
  • Exploring bootstrap.
  • Listing possibilities of production ready plan.
  • Updating the production ready plan after discussions with Sean.
  • Communicate with Shubham to discuss and dug the things deeper.

Coding Period

May 25

  • I have decided to work with the landing page, the first and the foremost requirement.
  • Studied different designing pattern.
  • Developed the prototype for the landing page(roughly).
  • It would consist of the 4 slides
  • Customizing the header as it is less responsive.
  • The first slide will be symbolizing that OGV is 3D viewer and introductory part along with the login link to login page. Little confused, with the content what to add more such that user at the first look can identify that it is a 3D viewer.
  • Second page would depict the working of OGV.
  • Third page confused :-/. What to add?
  • Last slide would comprise the important features expressed in interactive manner.
  • Footer which contains links to BRL-CAD site / blog / updates etc.

May 26

  • Where models were shown that was removed from the existing one, instead an icon is created in the header, clicking of which will take us to the models page.
  • Reason for doing this is such that on clicking of an icon (OGV) it takes us to the landing page and not models page.
  • Make few changes in routes.js according to their functionality.
  • Continuing with the creation of the landing page but facing bit problem. This problem is either due to something wrong in routes or CSS. Working on it.

May 27

  • Problem rising in CSS has been resolved.
  • In the landing page, out of four one is complete fully. The page is almost resposive.
  • Started with the 2nd slide also, gathering stuff for that.
  • The page has been post to my github account, soon will be sending the PR.

May 28

  • The second slide is also complete of the landing page.
  • The slide is fully responsive.
  • Gathering ideas and content for the third slide.

May 29

  • Slide 1 is completed. And it is fully responsive.
  • Little enhancement needs to be done in all the pages and as the colour of the slide do not relate to each other so improvements are needed.
  • I have added the slide to my github repo. After completing with the third slide I would send a PR and will make the changes as per the reviews.