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==26 July==
==26 July==
Tested OGV links on Ubuntu Server in VM and removed minor bugs.
Tested link working and remove minor bugs.
==27 July==
I discussed my problem with sean. He told me to upload the things on the server and show the work. Size of .vdi file being to large around 3-4 GB created a doubt in sean mind and he told me to debug the thing. Doing so I experience some new commands which I have never heard before. After getting the results of debugging I decided to do the things once again and side by side to note the size of all the packages that would be required to be installed.
==28 July==
Installing ubuntu server one more time from scratch.
==29 July==
Installation complete. I'll send the report about my progress to sean by email.
==30-31 July==
After getting reviews on email from sean my next step is to solve the problem of the files that reside in .meteor/local/db/ folder. Looking into it.
==1 August==
Problem regarding db folder solved now the size of OGV folder is 25MB, earlier which was 505MB. Next step is to run .vdi on the server.
==2-3 August==
For the purpose of testing I tried running .vdi file on the virtual machine ( Virtual machine within virtual machine :D ) and the result was that my system is dead :(. Currently I'm waiting it to recover fast.
==4-5 August==
Finally I got my laptop back. I tried one more time installing virtual machine within virtual machine (this time with proper settings). I set up an environment similar like .bz server and installed virtual box with --headless settings. But I faced some problem, problem is like that, that the virtual box has only 32bit of OS support not having 64bit support. Looking 64bit problem's solutions.
==6 August==
Looking for the 64 bit problem as it is not compatible both with freeBSD and Ubuntu Server virtual box. When I tried to create a new disk in virtual-box only 32 bit options are shown.
==7-8 August==
I planned to download 32-bit Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS iso. After installing it, installed all the required requisites to run OGV and it worked from guest to host. Now going to test previous concept, VM in VM.
==9-10 August==
In order to run from command line I installed following packages : phpvirtualmanchine, apache2, php5 etc. so as to run virtual machine from virtual, and upload .vdi file from the browser instead of running so many command on terminal. Whenever I do so it executes upto GRUB and after that blank screen appears. Working on it.
==11-12 August==
Tried to upload .vdi file, completed upto 700-800 MB but after that it stops there. When I tried to do again neither scp nor ssh worked. Discussed regarding this with Erik he told me to wait for a day. Waiting... and looking for the solutions.
==13 August==
Meanwhile I get the solution for the above problem, I planned to solve the merge conflicts and side by side worked on the front-end.
==14 August==
Problem still exists, posted mail regarding that on devel-mailing list. Meanwhile, working on front-end part.
==15 August==
Solved problem regarding merge conflicts. PR's has been send. Now working on UI part of back-end work and refactoring and debugging code.
==16 August==
Approximately 70-80% of work regarding UI problem, responsiveness, duplicate tabs / code, refactoring code etc. has been solved and PR's sent. One PR accepted waiting for the rest to get merged asap.
==17 August==
Everything regarding front-end part almost done just left with minor things which first need to discuss with Shubham so that I can take action on it and move further.
==18-19 August==
I'm back to the server problem. I found vagrant tool and tried to make .vdi up through that. Vagrant got installed in couple of seconds and now I'm testing the things. Going to test on the server.
==20 August==
I got the ssh/scp problem resolved by Erik with his permission I got vagrant installed to. Playing with it, error encountered. Asked for the error on the IRC waiting for the reply.
==21 August==
Shared the problem with sean, he provided with the solution that to use command line to up .iso file. It has been successfully done but now after running this --headless command I just want some sort of connection between the remote and local machine to see it's GUI and all the process. Working on it.

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