User:Deekaysharma/GSoc15/OGV production ready plan


Online Geometry Viewer Front-End, production ready at the end of GSoC'15


  • Landing Page

Landing page is almost empty. It should explain to users how to use OGV in say, "X" simple steps like Use graphics (images of 3D models, or explain steps graphically etc.)
(8-9 Days)

  • Loader Indicator

There should be indication about how much model has been loaded. E.g. “67% loaded”.
(1 week)

  • Feedback system Front-End

UI or the Front-End for sending the developer feedbacks and reporting bugs will be created.
(5-6 Days)

  • Error Messages
    • Proper Error Messages

While saving details during file uploading, it shows a red error box without error message and those red error boxes keep on stacking when one clicks on save button multiple times.

    • g to obj Conversion Failed Message

If g to obj conversion fails, user should be notified in user friendly manner with instructions to do the needful. User’s time never be wasted at any cost.
(1 week)

  • Upload Model without Sign-In / Sign-Up

User should be able to upload model without signin/signup. That will help to engage users in OGV.
(10 Days)

  • Zoom Limit

There is a range of zoom-in and zoom-out within which every model can be viewed or say, visible. Restrict user not to zoom-in and zoom-out beyond those limits.
(10 Days)

  • Swtich to Different View

An option needed that enable user to quickly see back, front, top, bottom, left, right view of the model and switch among them.
(8-9 Days)

  • Responsiveness

Make it mobile first site. For UI improvement I'm going to use "zurb foundation" or "Twitter Bootstrap".
(1 week)


It would be done side by side at the end of every milestone as much as possible.