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Reorganize NMG Data Structure

Fix Debugs

Due to the change of core NMG data structure, thousands of compiling errors are coming. I spend most time in these weeks to fix and test them. The statistics is as following:

  • struct model *nmg_mmr(void);
  • struct nmgregion *nmg_mrsv(struct model *m);
  • int nmg_kr(struct nmgregion *r);
  • void nmg_km(struct model *m);
  • void nmg_region_a(struct nmgregion *r, const struct bn_tol *tol);
  • struct model *nmg_find_model(const uint32_t *magic_p);
  • struct vertex *nmg_find_pt_in_model(const struct model *m, point_t pt, struct bn_tol *tol);
  • void nmg_pr_m(const struct model *m);
  • void nmg_pr_r(const struct nmgregion *r, *h);
  • int nmg_find_outer_and_void_shells(struct nmgregion *r, bu_ptbl ***shells, struct bn_tol *tol);
  • fastf_t nmg_region_area(const struct nmgregion *r);
  • fastf_t nmg_model_area(const struct model *m);
  • struct model *nmg_mk_model_from_region(struct nmgregion *r, reindex);
  • int nmg_mv_shell_to_region(struct shell *s, nmgregion *r);
  • char *nmg_manifolds(struct model *m);
  • void nmg_r_to_vlist(struct bu_list *vhead, struct nmgregion *r, int poly_markers);
  • void nmg_m_to_vlist(struct bu_list *vhead, struct model *m, int poly_markers);
  • void nmg_pl_r(FILE *fp, const struct nmgregion *r);
  • void nmg_pl_m(FILE *fp, const struct model *m);
  • void nmg_vlblock_r(struct bn_vlblock *vbp, const struct nmgregion *r, int fancy);
  • void nmg_vlblock_m(struct bn_vlblock *vbp, const struct model *m, int fancy);
  • void nmg_vshell(const struct bu_list *hp, const struct nmgregion *r);
  • void nmg_vregion(const struct bu_list *hp, const struct model *m);
  • void nmg_vmodel(const struct model *m);
  • int nmg_ck_closed_region(const struct nmgregion *r, const struct bn_tol *tol);
  • void nmg_r_radial_check(const struct nmgregion *r, const struct bn_tol *tol);
  • void nmg_visit_region(struct nmgregion *r, const struct nmg_visit_handlers *htab, genptr_t state);
  • void nmg_visit_model(struct model *model, const struct nmg_visit_handlers *htab, genptr_t state);