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=Development Logs=
=Development Logs=

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Personal information[edit]

  • Name : Anoop Malav
  • E-mail address: anoop220889@gmail.com
  • irc nick : malav
  • Brief background info
I am B. Tech final year student of The LNM Institute of Information Technology, Jaipur. My stream is Computer Science & Engineering. My programming experience is about 4 years in C and Java Mostly. My area of interest is Data Structures & Algorithms and Computer Programming.

Project information[edit]

Project title[edit]

Consolidate Image Processing


BRL-CAD has a number of image processing tools used (among other things) to post-process raytrace images. As of current implementation all image conversion and graphic functionality in BRL-CAD are handled by individual tools (separate executables). Currently, an effort is underway to migrate image manipulation logic into library code (LIBICV). This task would complete work already begun on bu_image and the image conversion library (LIBICV), and convert all existing image conversion tools to a new programming library. Advantage of doing such a task is to increase maintainability of the code and allow application users to easily use BRL-CAD functionality into their own applications.

Detailed Description[edit]


Development Logs[edit]