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|'''IRC(nick)'''|| ankesh11
|'''IRC(nick)'''|| ankesh11
|'''Github'''|| [https://github.com/ankeshanand ankeshanand]
|'''Website'''|| http://www.ankeshanand.com/
|'''Google-Melange username'''|| ankeshanand1994
|'''Google-Melange username'''|| ankeshanand1994
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This page will contain weekly targets and Updates about the work done.
This page will contain weekly targets and Updates about the work done.
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* '''14th July (Monday) to 16th July(Wednesday):''' My institute opened from Tuesday, so I had to pack my luggage and travel from my home to my institute on Monday. It took a day to complete the registration and fee payment there, and another day to fix logistics as I had to shift to a new accommodation.
* '''14th July (Monday) to 16th July(Wednesday):''' My institute opened from Tuesday, so I had to pack my luggage and travel from my home to my institute on Monday. It took a day to complete the registration and fee payment there, and another day to fix logistics as I had to shift to a new accommodation.
* '''17th July (Thursday):''' Back to work resuming the code for the Comparisons module. Wrote it's further backend logic based on Django Forms ORM which would help to communicate with the database based on different filters. I will set up the demo back tomorrow and continue further work on the module.
* '''18th July(Friday):''' Completed the backend logic of the Comparisons view. After selecting the options, a POST request is now sent which returns the appropriate filtered data. The user is shown his VGR Rating and the Average VGR Rating among the filtered logs. Next up, I have to present the data in a better manner, and include a graph for comparison.
====Week 10====
* '''21nd July (Monday):''' Almost done with the comparisons module, have added the filters and completed backend querying code.  Here's a screenshot, for a larger version, click [http://i.imgur.com/BxIbmTN.png here].
* '''22rd July (Tuesday):''' Added a Date filter to the comparisons view. It lets filter down logs submitted this week, this month, this year or at all times. Added More-Info modal dialogs which give detailed information of the ratings in the result and comparison view.
* '''23th July (Wednesday):''' Completed minor changes in the Comparisons module and started working on the POST API for file uploads. I am using django-tastypie which facilitates easy development of apis for django projects. Will host the project on BRLCAD's server once this module is done, which would be 2-3 days probably.
* '''24th July (Thursday):''' Continued work on the Web API for file uploads. Was able to send get requests via the API but POST requests were unsuccessful. Also, fixed a few minor bugs and redeployed the demo.
* '''26th July (Saturday):''' Worked on deploying the app to production. Read lots of documentation and articles on this to understand every bits and pieces. Set up Post Receive hooks in the remote repository so that it is synced with Git. Created a makefile for easy installation of dependencies and carry out other deployment related tasks. Will contact admins from the IRC channel tomorrow to set up the apache mod_wsgi configurations and get everything running.
* '''27th July (Sunday):''' Did a bunch of changes to get the production and development environment in proper setup and running. New installation instructions are now in place. Today's commits can be accessed here: https://github.com/BRL-CAD/benchmark/commits/master.
====Week 11====
* '''29th July (Tuesday):''' Completed the Web API for file uploads. Now, files can be uploaded from the command line via a POST request such as:
: '' curl -F "slug=test" -F "file=@run-10644-benchmark.log" http://localhost:8200/upload/api/v1/picture/ ''
* '''30th July (Wednesday):''' In some cases the files uploaded via the Web api were being partially uploaded. Added a deserializer method to take care about of that. Also refractored the api code.
* '''31st July (Thursday):''' Refactored some of the code, and did some mockups of Live feed for the benchmark home page.
* '''1st August (Friday):''' Looked into automatic uploading of logs from the benchmark script. I am able to make file uploads from the script, but need to find a way to make it fault tolerant. I tried a few suggestions mentioned on SO but they were not completely solving the issue. Will dig into this further.
* '''3rd August (Sunday):''' Checking off things from the TODO. Made the social media sharing icons work. Fixed some of the broken links in the navbar. Started working on the home page and file archiving, had a few doubts regarding them, so sent a mail to the mailing list.
====Week 12====
* '''4th August (Monday):''' Started work on the homepage created a few mockups and continued code-refactoring. Awaiting response from the mailing list about my questions.
* '''5th August (Tuesday):''' Found the solution to the file archiving issue. The recommended way is to organize files in yy/mm/dd directories so that they are searchable by date and less number of files in a directory would also significantly improve performance. Started implementing the home page mockup, refactored some code in the results page.
* '''6th August (Wednesday):''' After experimenting with different designs, settled down on the landing page. I have implemented the mockup, below is a screenshot.
* '''7th August (Thursday):''' Pushed the site to deployment after enabling the site in apache, it is now live again at Tested the site across multiple platforms, resolved most of the UI fixes. There is a top margin issue that's left to be resolved. Will work on the file archiving issue tomorrow.
* '''8th August (Friday):''' Implemented file-archiving, the files are now segmented across separate directories for each month. This ensures they are easily searchable and also significantly improves the speed of the app.
==== Week 13 ====
* '''11th August (Monday):''' Wrote the structure for application feed. The feed would list out all the recently uploaded log files with links to results page for each. I have to plug in the ORM statements to make it working.
* '''12th August (Tuesday):''' Modified the production setup to use virtualenvs as this was causing the other projects to come down. This included a different make configuration and changes to the WSGI file. The setup was also moved from /var/www to /home/benchmark/deployment. The aliases were configured accordingly
* '''13th August (Wednesday):''' Wrote a view that lists out the most recently uploaded logs by listening to the database for newly uploaded logs. This can be merged with the homepage later.
* '''14th August (Thursday):''' Worked on the script to extract logs submitted via email. Leveraging some part of the work that was done by Suryajith. The IMAP library has limited support now but the script works, tried to port this into the new library by GMail.
* '''15th August (Friday):''' Completed the port of the script to extract email logs. Improved parser scripts to remove hardcoded variables, and use project settings instead.
* '''16th August (Saturday):''' Improved inline documentation in the results and fileupload module. Resolved the issue of navbar responsiveness on iPad. Few other UI tweaks along the way.
* '''18th August (Monday):''' My lab had a visit from Prof. Khosla, the Chancellor of UCSD. I was busy preparing a presentation regarding the same and then giving a talk on the current ongoing research in the lab.
* '''19th August (Tuesday):''' Wrapped up everything and submitted the final evaluation. The whole experience was great and I can definitely say GSoC was one of the best things I have ever done. Thanks to Prof. Rai and Sean for being so helpful along the way.

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